Deck The Halls, The CW's Got Balls

a1-For once.  Christmas Day is usually a total wasteland of rehashed tv programming.  Disney Parades and old favorite movies, hell half the channels are playing that ‘Log-TV’ thing now.  Yeah the one where you turn your fancy expensive tv into a giant screensaver?  It’s all the rage and I still don’t know why. 
Come prime time most networks will be playing it safe.  You can watch Lexie profess her pathetic love for George on Greys or curl up with Discovery’s MythBusters marathon but the CW for once is going out on a limb and keeping their normal schedule.  While we sadly won’t see one of my favorite Lexcentric episodes of Smallville in favor of one of the funnier episodes this season, the one where Clark and Lois get fake engaged, we will be seeing Supernatural’s Christmas Special – A Very Supernatural Christmas.   And yeah, I think that took balls.  To put on a program that’s not especially Jesus centric on a day that television tends to try and make sure they’re not offending anyone is ballsy. 

308-supernaturalxmasNow the whole debate about religion in Supernatural is an argument for another day but find me another network that’s planning on dedicating an hour to pagan gods of Christmas who suck people up the chimney and murder them, followed by a fight scene using a Christmas tree as a weapon.   Win. 

So if you get sick of Tiny Tim and Mickey Mouse this Thursday, take time to enjoy one of the only bones this network is going to throw you.  Happy Holidays.  Now stay away from those freaky wreaths and don’t drink too much of Sammy’s eggnog, alright?



~ by doublebitch on December 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “Deck The Halls, The CW's Got Balls”

  1. Ha, I loved this episode, totally tuning in!

  2. Aaaw, they should have put on both Christmas specials. I never understood why you’d put on different programming for Christmas, when everyone is using their TVs to view present DVDs anyway.

  3. I can’t wait to see a Supernatural Christmas! Why do I have the impression that it’s going to be freaky in a hilarious kind of way? And is it normal that I am not that scared of Supernatural episodes? The X-files have ruined it all 😉

  4. No I don’t think that’s weird. I am not even really a horror fan but I like Supernatural and I don’t have any trouble watching eps even when they get gory. Keep an eye out for Santa and a giant bong in the ep.

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