We Use the Term Liberally

pgporn-titleThe third installment of James Gunn’s PG PORN is out now (the title comes from one of Gunn’s tweets on the subject), the second to feature the PEANUS gang, the PG PORN version of Peanuts.

First off, if you haven’t seen them yet, go watch. I’m sure you can find them via James Gunn’s blog. I’ll wait for you here.

pgporn-01So, now you’ve seen all three episodes right? Good! First of all, I think the idea is amazing, and while some people may be surprised by how the episodes turn out if you’re familiar with any of Gunn’s other work (i.e. Slither, Tromeo & Juliet) it’s really par for the course. I also think that releasing this on the web was the best way to go about it.

First of all, there are the pornstars. It’s been well documented that their fanbase is online, so there’s one plus already. As for the non-porn actors, it seems  as though those who aren’t members of the Gunn family are all the sorts of cult favourites who have their biggest followings online. The kind of following who will search out all sorts of weird crap just because of these actors. Why yes, I do own White Noise 2 on DVD. Show the cast list for the first three episodes to any average ‘Net denizen, and I’m sure they’ll geek out over someone. PG PORN really has a solid online fanbase.

Then there’s the content itself, which really shows Gunn’s Trauma roots. And in this day and age if you want to make cheap, tongue-in-cheek, gorey film with a weird sense of humour, doesn’t it make more sense to release it on the web? That’s where you’ll find an audience for it,pgporn-02 and you can build said audience up much faster than in the old direct-to-DVD days. This direct-t0-web, eventually-to-DVD-with-extras format seems like a really smart new distribution plan for anything which could be in any way labelled as ‘cult,’ which is a word that pretty much every single bit of PG PORN has written on it.

You know, when I set out to write this it was originally going to be about how awesome PG PORN is, but somewhere along the way it turned into a completely different post. Oh well. I guess I still got you to go and watch the episodes (you DID watch them, right?), so you all know now just how amazing it is.



~ by Jerk on December 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “We Use the Term Liberally”

  1. I’m really surprised that Rosenbaum shaved his head for this after giving that as a main reason for not working on Smallville anymore, granted this could have been shot a while ago but we saw him with all kinds of hair in August.

  2. From a James Gunn interview: “We had to rush into production because he had just finished shooting Smallville, and, after seven years, he didn’t want to spend a day longer bald.”

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