No Room For Grandma

The holidays bring us closer to family and friends and if you’re like us that probably leads to watching some of the sweet tv you were gifted.  It also can lead to those real deep discussions about what’s really important in life.  This is what happened earlier this week.

helo20and20sharonRe-watching the BSG miniseries easily brought a tear to my eye but the discussion came up when Boomer and Helo are on Caprica using the lottery to choose the people who Boomer will take back to Galactica.  First the children are boarded then they pull straws and it turns out to be three women.  One younger, one middle aged and one old.  Old enough that she couldn’t read the jumbo numbers on her lotto ticket to space.  Think the old lady from Titanic meets Mr. Magoo.  This is when I turned to my brother and said flatly that I wouldn’t take our grandmother to space to save the last of humanity.  He looked shocked and appalled but it’s just how I feel.  I don’t think I’d take kids either.  At this point, though I’m sure they didn’t know the total severity of the situation, that they would have been better off selecting young healthy people who would be able to reproduce.

Sure they didn’t have a lot of time and they probably didn’t want to play Gods but it seems like such a waste.  At times like this you can’t be sentimental.  It’s not practical.  They shot a healthy man off the wing, yet left the chronologically impaired aboard to temporary safety, along with a bunch of scared kids without parents.

I love my Grandmother, I really do but if the Cylons come a calling with their mushroom clouds of justice, I’m sorry. You’re just not in my top three.  Who would be?  Probably soap actors.  Maybe a couple Bradys or Blacks They reproduce like crazy and don’t really mind who they sleep with.



~ by doublebitch on December 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “No Room For Grandma”

  1. I agree completely. Well, not so much with the soap actors thing. Looking at things logically FTW!

  2. I wasnt really “shocked and appalled”, I was just laughing at the scenario of you actually telling her to her face that she doesnt get a ride on the S.S. Lets Not Get Killed By Robots Every 33 Minutes.

    I agree, I just wouldnt have the heart to do it.

  3. I would.

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