Random Question #4

This is something that came up talking about the seasons I own on DVD with my parents, with regards to the fact that they bought me season six of 24 for Christmas, which I still hadn’t bought myself.

Do you only buy the seasons you really loved, or will you buy one you didn’t like as much because you’ve got others from the same show?

24-season-sixFor me, I’ll buy them. The only thing that will change is how much I’m willing to pay for it. For example, I didn’t get season three of Smallville until I already owned four (and right around the same time five came out and was purchased) because I was waiting to find it at a price I thought it was worth paying. Though special features is also a factor that can influence how much I’m willing to pay. smallville-season-threeHeroes volume three (which leads to another question, will they release all of season three as one set, or as volume 3 and volume 4?) is a good example, as it really was a sharp drop in quality from season two. But using the first two sets as an indicator, I’m expecting a lot of really cool special features, so I’ll most likely pick it up in a timely manner. The reverse is why I still don’t have seasons six or seven of Smallville.

But while these things can effect when and for how much I’ll buy a season, I will eventually own it. If a show is good enough that I want to actually buy DVDs, then even the lesser seasons end up having episodes that I loved. I can’t really think of a series that I would consider buy-worthy, that ever had a season so bad that I wouldn’t pick it up. This could just be my OCDness requiring complete sets though, so what do you guys think?



~ by Jerk on December 28, 2008.

9 Responses to “Random Question #4”

  1. I will buy them. I own all of smallville and always will but little things may, like you keep me from buying it right away. I havent yet picked up season 7 but I know I will. I waiting a long time to pick up season 4 of Angel.

    Money totally has more to do with it than bad-ness. I think when I commit to a show, I get into a world and characters and want to have it all at my fingertips. It makes me feel more comfortable. I even bought a new copy of SPN season 1 because I lent it to someone who kept it too long. Maybe the ocd thing is running strong here too but it makes me feel like a good fan to have things in my house.

    that said I have some shows that I own only a season of. Mostly that’s because I plan to buy the others but things like cartoons sometimes I just own one because that’s all I need.

  2. Yeah, I find it’s easier to only get a single season or something with cartoons. I still only have the first season of Robot Chicken on DVD, and many that I want I actually haven’t bought for the exact reasoning that I’m not as interested in getting ALL of them, so I’d rather focus on shows where I do want to get everything.

    Notable exceptions: Justice League Unlimited and Venture Bros.

  3. I’m with you: I will buy the entire set, but will wait to pay what I think is worth for each set. Heroes season 1: didn’t wait. But I will wait for season 2 & 3 until the prices drop. I didn’t wait for Supernatural though – I needed my quality Dean-time. Same thing for the X-files – I missed Mulder and Scully too much. Plus I got the first couple of seasons as gifts – they were probably the easiest gifts my friends had to think of 😉

  4. I think it’s because we watch scriped vs cartoon for different reasons most of the time things like JLU being exceptions to that for you maybe.

    I was thinking about this while I was in the store yesterday and looking through the growing tv section really points out that there are shows you may have seen every ep of that you wont buy at all though. I’m that way with One Tree Hill. I enjoy it, most of the time and I’ve seen it all but I’m not going to shell out hundreds of dollars for it, probably ever no matter how low the price goes.

  5. I’d say Grey’s. Too much euh/annoying Izzie-ness.

  6. yeah I wouldnt buy grey’s because i can stream it. I wonder what that effect has on sales too? I guess it should be noted that like a torrent after time it wont be avaiable anymore and then you have to buy it or cry.

  7. You’d be surprised what you can find torrents for. My search for old unpopular ’90s shows was quite successful.

  8. I so almost bought you Durham County for Christmas.

  9. Fan Expo is still the only time I’ve ever seen anything about that show.

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