Rockstar Dreams Never Die

I got Rock Band for Christmas and even though I work with music every day it’s brought out that part of me that’s always wanted to be a rock star.  I’m not sure how many common dreams everyone in the world has but it seems like being a rock star is one of them.  TV cashes in on this creating a formula that never quits.

monkees68In 1965 The Monkees were formed to fuel our rock star dreams during the height of Beatlemania.  I wonder if we have Elvis and The Beatles to thank for this whole thing with their creation of the teenybopper?  Four guys who sang catchy songs, played instruments and ran around after each other getting in and out of crazy situations, it’s quality Saturday morning entertainments.  I kinda wish it was still on.

From 1970 – 1974 The Partridge Family took the rockstar spin on The Brady Bunch, though it is well documented how screwed up all those kids ended up being.  Seriously, if I see Danny nude one more time…

The 80s took the rock star fantasy to cartoons with Jem and that creepy short lived Barbie and the Rockers thing where they played in space all the time and had to save the earth. 

kideo6njThe 90s had Kideo and their show Kids Can Rock and Roll letting the Canadians get in on the game.  They were kinda like The Monkees meets pre-school meets KISS. Don’t stare too long.   And we can’t forget Saved By the Bell and The Zach Attack who apparently put out an album.  If anybody finds that on E-Bay, let me know.

Now I don’t watch as much Disney Channel as I used to but I know the half hour band show is still going strong with Miss Montana and something about naked under aged kids.. I don’t know, it doesn’t sound like a good idea to me either. 

So what is it? Are we living vicariously? Do we just love catchy little pop tunes by people who may or may not be performing them?   Whatever it is, bands on tv are a generation spanning formula that just keeps working.  Whats next?  I hope it’s animals that play Jazz or kindergardens rocking tribal drum circles.



~ by doublebitch on December 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Rockstar Dreams Never Die”

  1. I for one would love to see a show about a group of scientists who get trapped in 1982, and the only way to return to the future is to form the world’s greatest New Wave band!

  2. i dont know who you are but i like the idea and i will make a movie of it !!!!!! i have a VISION and if i finish it ill come back for you!!!!

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