New Years Premonition

According to Jerk, the Japanese believe that the first dream of the new year is a sign of how your year will be.  So I’d like to share with you mine.

I was on a field trip, back in high school.  Not a real one.  We were on a bus going to a skating rink.  There was this guy in a wheelchair doing laps around the rink in the chair.  The guy was Justin Hines, a total unknown to me who had played right before the midnight countdown on our local station last night.  He looked like our friend Matt, I think that’s why it stuck.  Anyway, so Justin Hines is chasing me around in his wheelchair then he gets up and laughs saying he was just lying, he could really walk and he had skates on but he just fell on his face.

elizadushkuSo far no predictions, just weird.  Then we get back on the bus and who do I sit behind but the coolest kid in school Eliza Dushku.  We stop for a drink at a coffee shop and I order a coffee and a really expensive bag of cookies.  The shop clears and the bus leaves without me, but I’m not worried.

That’s all I remember but upon further discussion this morning Jerk and I have decided that this is a premonition that Dollhouse will be awesome and won’t get canceled in the 2009 season.  While some of the footage they’ve released doesn’t exactly point to hit or great marketing strategy, I’m gonna put my weight behind this dream vision.  Dollhouse is here to stay -at least for 2009.



~ by doublebitch on January 1, 2009.

One Response to “New Years Premonition”

  1. My favourite Duck Shoot fact: Her voice is so awesome was wrecking her vocal chords, so she had to learn to speak differently.

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