We here at J/DB love themes, so this seemed like an excellent opportunity to make a theme post. Here we go!

resolution-dollhouse1.) Our first resolution was not to be too upset if Dollhouse get’s the axe, but luckily DoubleBitch dreamt of Eliza so now we don’t have to worry about this one anymore! Actually, I’m holding out hope that with DVR, alternate revenue streams from official streamming, and everything else that has been developing recently, that Dollhouse will break the Friday curse.

resolution-heroes2.) We resolve to try and post about Heroes less. We try to write about a bunch of different shows, but sometimes we have more to say about one show in particular. This fall that was the third season of Heroes, as almost a third of our posts got the Heroes tag. Luckily, the show isn’t back for several weeks, and we’ll have the return of BSG, 24 and Lost, so this resolution shouldn’t be too hard to stick with.

resolution-leverage3.) We resolve to pimp Leverage more. Okay yes we’ve already been doing this, but seriously this show is sooo goooood! Not only have all of the episodes that have aired so far lived up to the potential of the pilot, but they’ve actually moved forward surprisingly well, giving us quite a bit of character development as well as breaking from what seems to be the standard formula. For some perspective: It took Smallville over a year to change its freak of the week formula.

resolution-bsg4.) We resolve to try and not have too many BSG spoilers on our front page. We both feel that normally, if an episode has aired there’s no longer any call to point out possible spoilers, but with BSG, we’d like to try and not have spoilers for people who still haven’t caught the Adama bug. So we’ll be employing the below the cut technology for our posts on the final ten episodes of the series.

jensen5.) MORE JENSEN!  Who doesnt need more Jensen?  Everybody needs more Jensen. 2009 needs more Jensen! and it’s coming in form of a movie and the rest of season 4 of Supernatural, but we’ll try to keep your memory fresh on all things pretty and badass.

smallville-lex-luther-dad16.) The Welling Effect.  We resolve to not be too caught up in The Welling Effect which is all the hype surrounding the future of Smallville.  We resolve to let what happens happen and not be too sad either way.  We do not howerver resolve not to cry if it ends, or if the Martian Manhunter gets his own show.

7.) We resolve to make some changes around Jerk/DoubleBitch to serve you better and make life easier for ourselves.  Because lets face it, we’re kinda lazy.

-Jerk & DoubleBitch


~ by Jerk on January 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “Resolutions!”

  1. I like your fifth resolution a lot. I also wouldn’t mind you resolving to talk X-files more. Just throwing it out there. You know, just in case. Until then, I shall resolve to focus less of Jensen’s acting skills and more on the plot of Supernatural.

  2. I want to talk X-Files, but feel I should actually rewatch them first. Which requires buying the DVDs finally. I do own the Lone Gunmen though!

  3. Hee, I’m also greatly in favor of #5 and looking forward to your Lost posts. I can’t wait to get to those myself. As for being lazy, you’re talkin to Queen Lazy here, so I won’t judge!

  4. I pray Dollhouse is good AND doesn’t get an axe. *Hoooopes, prays* I don’t know how it couldn’t be good, but since I’m making wishes I might as well add that.

    More Jensen? YES PLEASE. I know you guys know I’ve been all ‘blah blah SPN isn’t winning me over’ but today I went on a crazy ACDC spn fanvideo splurge, plus the infamous Eye of the Tiger video was played several times while I encouraged my dog to dance…in short. How can I not just forget my complaints and just love what there is? Because it’s still damn great. Maybe I don’t love Anna, oh well. I’ll live. I just hope our favorite boys will, too!

    That’s my resolution! Easy, peasy.

  5. I have never seen the Lone Gunmen. But I do own all the X-files and will soon own the second movie on DVD -smiles-.
    Never soon Lost, and not going to watch it anytime soon – Supernatural is the only show I was more than willing to give a chance ;).
    Jessica, you wouldn’t happen to have a video of your dog dancing o Eye of the Tiger?

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