JDB Showdown #1 – It’s Gone to the Dogs

Over the last few days I’ve spent the time I should have been writing new articles searching for the perfect breed of dog for me.  While I think I’ve found it I haven’t got a lot of blogging done. Dogs are almost as much of part of the All-American family as the TV itself.

A boring old rundown of all the great dogs on TV is something you might see on other blogs but not here on Jerk/DoubleBitch.  Clarky/Krypto, Eddie from Frasier,  Commit from Full House, Paul Anka from the Gilmore Girls,  sure they all deserve a mention but what it really comes down to is finding the best and I’ve decide to leave that call up to you.  The finalists – in no particular order – are:


Mr. Muggles – Right off the bat we fail one of our resolutions but Mr. Muggles must not be passed by no matter what your personal bias.  Now if this were an animal showdown, I’d say the Turtle would win as he clearly has functioning chick magnet powers but it’s not and I fully believe that Mr. Muggles will yet come into his own power.  I think it’s safe to say this fuzzy little Pomeranian will out live half the cast and is the only one that can fly, or crawl under Sylar’s radar.  Hell I think he’s got a little bit of a soft spot for the little furry guy.  And if that doesn’t convince you Mr. Muggles survived and put up with the world’s most annoying teenager and season one Mrs. HRG.


Backup. Veronica Mars never left home for a stakeout or a run-in with an ex without her trusty dog Backup. The original Backup, from the pilot was a brown and white American Bulldog and I had often wondered why he’d been re-cast for the series, at first I just figured Rob Thomas really was a bitch but he clears it up in an interview:

backup11“I couldn’t deal with his trainer. I loved the original Backup — he was such a beautiful dog. But his trainer had a month and a half to get him ready for the scene in the pilot, and he didn’t do it. He needed to fly out of the car, and he just couldn’t — he sort of slid down the window. So a stuntman had to pull him out on his arm. Then, to make it look good, he was supposed to attack the biker, who was wearing protective padding, but he wouldn’t do that either. We had to cut together all this footage and loop in growling. It was just a mess, and the trainer blamed us! So rather than strangle the guy, I recast Backup.”

Backup 2.0 was a brown-ish Pit-Bull, much more badass and I’m guessing more obedient.  He might not have hidden superpowers but he’ll take on a whole gang to save your ass. I wouldn’t go lurking around The Camelot parking lot without him.


Rowdy – JD and Turk’s loyal Golden Retriever from scrubs.  Alright, so he’s dead and stuffed for that matter.  And maybe they got him at a garage sale.  You just wish you were so lucky.  He’s great for scaring people, playing dress up and a good joke when he starts humping your leg.  Rowdy loves a car ride with the top down and is almost always where you left him.  He’s also a bottle opener and the only dog in the finals to have an entire episode dedicated to him and his doppelganger.
So there you have the facts, now it’s up to you do decide.



~ by doublebitch on January 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “JDB Showdown #1 – It’s Gone to the Dogs”

  1. Oooh this was a conundrum. All 3 are awesome of course. Mr. Muggles + Sylar in the future is made of awesome and he does deserve points for dealing with Claire for however many years.

    Rowdy is great for jokes and dress up, as you said, but he also had to endure a Carlanapping and was replaced. Plus, he smelled!

    After some thought, too much probably, I would have to go with Backup. Watching him go after bikers and chase down dognappers decided me. Backup for the win!

  2. I voted Backup too.

  3. Props to Paul Anka and his sugar-toe licking ways, but Backup wins my heart every time. I didn’t know you guys were Vmars obsessed, too. 😀

    Mr. Muggles is nice, but a bit too fluffy. I’d like to see him transform into a human, as Claire’s futuristic guardian! Haha.

    Rowdy is my second favorite on this list. There’s just something about him. He’s very mysterious.

  4. I voted Muggles, as I’m sure he’ll eventually be revealed as an evil mastermind who’s been manipulating everyone from behind the scenes. Just you wait!

  5. I’m afraid I don’t know the other dogs, so I’m gonna have to vote for Mr. Muggles. I think he should have a power of internal killer sun. His hair is perfect to become deathrays of sunshine streaking out that could kill people everywhere. That would be so awesome.

  6. ROWDY, NO!

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