Fulfilling a Resolution

mbv3dHas anyone else noticed that there hasn’t been much in the way of  pimping for Jensen’s new movie, considering as it comes out in just eleven more days? There’s been almost nothing with Jensen talking about it, and who doesn’t want to watch/read/listen to more Jensen? Which brings me to the second thing they’ve done wrong with this movie.

If you look at anything for the movie, what they’ve been pushing is the 3-D aspect. Look at the trailer: A big part of it is nothing but a mock-up of how awesome it will be to watch it in a theatre, and that’s just crazy. You know what would get people to go see this? Jensen. What will work even better? Pointing out that you get to look at Jensen in 3-D! If anyone has been sufficiently Jensen inoculated, it would be impossible for them to not go see that.

Here, I’ve Photoshopped up a quick idea of what would be a much better poster for the film, which gives you everything you need: lottsajensen-3d Jensen, the movie title and then the release date in the corner (which brings me to a bit of a rant unrelated to the rest of the post, but… well I’m gonna post it anyway), what more do you need? Nothing! The dimensions are off, but I figure you need room at the bottom to put the Standard Poster Movie Credits.

So anyway, my rant: Somehow the Winchester boys got their movies to both open on horrible nights from a geeky TV perspective (which, obviously we have). My Bloody Valentine 3-D opens on January 16th, also known as the long-awaited return of Battlestar. Meanwhile, Jared’s Friday the 13th remake comes out on (duh) February 13th, the premiere of Dollhouse. Granted, there are other options for watching these shows then when they air, but still. I’d assume the cross pollination of SPN fans and BSG fans and/or Whedonites whould be fairly large. I guess I’m really just bitching because I want to watch both.

Now, back to MBV3D! They went for the generic horror crowd when they should have been going for the Fans of Pretty Men crowd instead. I think this might have hurt them when it comes to the box office gross, I guess we’ll know in two weeks.



~ by Jerk on January 5, 2009.

11 Responses to “Fulfilling a Resolution”

  1. way better poster.

    Also you could just watch one then like go to a later showing of the movies.

    And Friday the 13th is doing better in the showing off men part because they put Dick in the trailer and they totally didn’t have to. But they get minus points for letting Jared keep stupid hair.
    For man/geekness fan girls probably want to see some of the girl who is maybe/probably not the reason jared broke up with his fiance.

    MBV3D gets bonus man/geek points for having the gay guy from Dawsons in 3-D though. Damn.

  2. You know, I’ve only seen about 2 ads for this movie myself and I don’t think Jensen was even in them. You’re right, it’s an egregious advertising error. I like to think this movie is a special gift to me, it comes out the day after my birthday, so I think I’ll treat myself to Jensen in 3-D as a special present!

    Great poster, I think you should be hired to promote the pretty. Really, what are these movie execs thinking?

    I saw something about Jared being single again, that’s for real huh?

  3. I’m going to think of you when I see the movie, then I’m going to say something like “I wish someone would make a 3-d jensen movie for MY birthday.”

    Totally for real.

    AND I found another thing we need to do on the 16th. Band From TV is on Leno. DAMNIT I’m so busy with awesome I’m going to cry.

  4. Hey, not only does the movie come out the day after my birthday, but Supernatural comes back the day OF my birthday. How could that not be a sign that Jensen and I should be together? 🙂

  5. totally a sign, unfortunately I think there’s a Padalecki in your way. Go for the knees!

  6. OH OH! I did good and found info!

    Jensen Ackles will be on the Bonnie Hunt Show (NBC) Friday January 9th.

    Bonnie can get Jensen but she can’t even get her own son?

  7. Bonnie Hunt has a show?

  8. I like Bonnie Hunt’s show. She had Durance on it and she talked about getting chased by turkeys as a child, and one day I watched she had two kids having a mooing contest.

  9. No that was serious, I had no idea that Bonnie Hunt had a show.

  10. I’ve always liked her stuff. Life with Bonnie was a good show too. What happened to that red head kid?

  11. Sold! Sold on Jensen, not on the bloodier version – btw. 😛 Seriously, where is the promotion for this poor movie? Is it that low budget? The PCA’s are on. Kate Hudson is goofy.

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