Congratulations! It's a…dead baby

onetreehill-s5This week’s One Tree Hill held the big reveal – Does Payton have cancer, is she pregnant or does she just need to eat a damn sandwich?  I’m guessing they told us in the first act that I missed walking from my office to my living room and finding the channel.  Either way,  the answer apparently is both B and C. It left me to wonder a few things.  Why are half of these characters still on the show?  What did this week accomplish outside of the Brooke story?  Mostly?  Nothing.

And yes, this was the worst promo picture I could find. There’s a good chance it’s fanart but I liked it.  Just.. tilt your head, kinda.  She’s tired. She’s the only one with a job in the whole town, give the lady a break.

My prediction for the rest of this season is that Payton will lose the baby.  If they’re going to pull this off at all while working on their ‘oh look she has a random ex that wants to make a movie with Lucas/get her back’ story without throwing any integrity out the window the baby’s gotta go.  Nobody’s been in the hospital recently anyway, well a real hospital. Crazy Nanny’s living rooms don’t count. I’d say they need to bring Karan back but she’s busy guesting on Heroes soon and moving up in the world.

To keep the flavor of the show, despite the five year jump I just don’t think they can do this, not that they’ve ever done a good job of being consistent. Layton are a little too happy right now for this to work out for too long.

On the other hand they purposely gave the two kids an entire story this week to themselves because they’re fully aware that Jackson Brundage is the best actor they’ve got. Maybe they’re catching on to a wave and figure the more kids the better. One Tree Hill 2.0.  Fine, whatever.  Just somebody screen the nanny this time.



~ by doublebitch on January 6, 2009.

One Response to “Congratulations! It's a…dead baby”

  1. The promo is actually official and not fan made. 🙂 And yeah – Peyton is pretty much always the victim; I’ quite tired of everything happening to her (although I guess last week’s episode was more for Brooke). Somebody on the CW One Tree Hill forum said it best: Peyton Sawyer is the new Kelly Taylor.

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