SPN, Spoilers and… What’s an ‘S’ Word for Lies?

We’ve so far avoided spoilers on J/DB, but we’ve come across some Supernatural ones that were so…. so something, that we couldn’t stay silent any longer. Don’t worry, we’ll be sticking any and all things spoilery under the cut. Here to help speed things up and get us to said cut is a nice picture of Sam and Dean in snow!

spn-winteryOkay, now there are three different spoilers that DoubleBitch just came across today, ranging from likely to unlikely and dumb:

Number the first is that Alastair will be coming back. Considering how much build-up there was about how big of a threat he was, and how lame his death was, this one seems both true and a bit obvious. Hopefully when he makes his triumphant return, he’s in a meat suit that’s a little less Hannibal-knockoff-y and a little more menacing badass. I would have been surprised if he didn’t come back at some point, really, so I’m not sure if this even counts as a spoiler.

angel-annaNext up is that Anna will also be returning. This seems plausible but dumb, and this is coming from someone who actually liked her (well, more in the first ep before she turned out to be an angel, but still not like glaring hatred or anything). Saying as it’s been clearly stated that Castiel is possessing someone, and her body was kinda… atomized, I’m not even sure how exactly she’d retu… wait no I’ve got it. If we see Anna again, it’ll be as a vision to Dean in his sleep. Calling that right here and now. Still, her role seemed to be suitably played out over those two episodes, so if they bring her back there better be a very good reason for it.

Now for the big one. A third Winchester brother. We think it’s pretty clear that this one’s complete bullshit (in fact, my guess is this one started as Kripke making a Heroes crack) for a myriad of reasons. First of all, if they were going to try and add an extra member to the Winchester clan, three-winchestersJo would have been the clear choice. Saying as that never happened then, I can’t see why it would now. It also seems unlikely that a casting of this significance would slip by undetected, when we hear about everyone else months ahead of time. Also, why? The season’s plot has clearly been moving in a specific direction, one that doesn’t include long-lost siblings. Shoehorning one in would create an awkward and jarring shift in the season’s overarching storyline.

So there you go, all three SPN spoilers and what we think of them. What do you guys think, agree? Unagree? Either way, stay tuned as we cast the third Winchester brother ourselves! No, really.



~ by Jerk on January 7, 2009.

26 Responses to “SPN, Spoilers and… What’s an ‘S’ Word for Lies?”

  1. unagreeing is fun and has a lot of vowels. Anyway, I also think that if anything, Kripkeee has shown this season that he understands the mysterious fangirl and has given us MOAR GEHY! adding a 3rd would be kinda gross and weird. Grosser and weirder than wincest already is. I have only one demand if this does -somehow- become true, that the actor’s name start with a J because j2 and j3 would just be totally ruined if the next one was Bob or Reginald. J2+R Doesn’t really ring.

  2. Jared Leto, he hasn’t done anything recently.

  3. OH OH! What if Sam’s an evil twin?!

  4. Did the other one forget to come out of Mary’s vagina?

  5. It was warm and less damned in there.

  6. I dunno, making out with your dead dad to save your dead boyfriend seems like the sort of thing God would frown upon.

  7. oh shit that took me a whole 60 seconds to figure out what the hell you were talking about.

    Also I think we should consider that it’s too late in the game. Season arc aside, the entire show’s arc is ending in a season and a half. This is the kinda move you make in season 7 of 8 or something.

  8. what if he’s black?

    Just throwin it out there.

  9. What if he’s a Ghostfacer?

  10. What if he’s dead?

  11. What if he’s Castiel?

  12. Castiel or the body Castiel’s in?

  13. Castiel. John was actually an angel living like a human, like Anna. Back when he was an angel, Castiel was his son.

  14. So his soul isn’t really in hell, it’s in a tree and Sam is actually a Petrelli?

  15. Baltar should be the third Winchester. BSG’s finished filming, he’s free. Plus, totally a J name.

    That actually was in response to your last comment, somehow that made me think of Baltar.

  16. Hee, I see you guys feel the same way as I do about certain SN spoilers. I am okay with Alastair returning in a different meat suit, so that weird actor with his strange voice that started out promising but then became lame is not an issue. So, that one I’m okay with.

    Anna in a dream? Yeah I could see that. Again, as long as she does not get to touch Jensen again I could probably deal. She is undeserving after that tepid sex scene.

    The brother? No, 100% no. I am definitely hoping that was Kripke trying to plant false leads and get fans all worked up so he could do something that would irritate us all slightly less. But yeah, if they do get one, he better have a J name.

  17. oh, an S word for lies? How about shit spewing? 🙂 Two S’s for the price of one.

  18. if it’s jensen’s dream there will totally be touching involved. hmm maybe he’ll get her actually naked this time. I’ll be watching for the watch.

  19. Why was the first thing I thought of when I read that was that the next time Castiel appears to Dean in his sleep, he’s going to start caressing him?

    Srsly, before I even finished reading your comment, that popped in my head.

  20. because you’re more gay for this show than I am?

  21. Is that possible?

  22. Aww! All your dreams have come true! Jensen’s gonna be on Kimmel tonight. Its like they hear us…

  23. annnd I posted this in the wrong article! This is what happens when there’s so much Jensen on my page. I get confused.

  24. Hee, thanks to you two I knew Jensen was on Kimmel last night. Just got done watching it, he’s such a cutie. Sadly, when asked who he would “go gay” for he said it was Kimmel. Jared is going to be angry.

  25. Yeah, he struggled with that one but he did good! He used to be so much more nervous. I think the cons are really helping him out or atleast teaching him not to be shocked by fangirls anymore.

  26. I thought so as well. I enjoyed his Belize story and his shot of his barracuda catch. He was charming with the gay question, it took him a sec but then he nailed the response.

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