Video Killed The Radio Star

These days it seems like everyone’s a cross-over artist.  They sing! They dance! They design $100 leggings!  Performers are pimping their brands which most of the time spring from some sort of 15957750451press810200893334am-thumbtalent, usually.

Just when you thought the Parkman postage stamp was the coolest piece of Greg Grunberg memorabilia you were ever going to get your hands on, he came out with an album.  My love for Grunny is not something I bother to hide.  I even told my mother but she’s a heroes fan so she understands.  When he’s not acting, doing voice work, walking for chairty (go donate a few bucks while you’re at it), or twittering he’s busy being a really solid drummer.  Totally self taught, he drums,  sings and is the founding member of Band From TV which you’ve probably heard of by now.  It’s made up of a number of actors from tv shows like Heroes, House, Desperate Housewives, The Bachelor and cashmere mafia not to mention guest appearances by guys from Lost and Chuck.  The guy’s got a lot of friends.  On top of all this they do it all for a variety of charities, which is really cool.  They have a CD/DVD out right now called Hoggin’ all the Covers.  So clever.  It comes down to good music and a good reason to do it.  Go check that out.  Did I mention he raps too? Band From TV will be on Leno Jan 16th, if you’re still frakkin alive after Battlestar Galactica.

Speaking of Battlestar, earlier today I ran across a post from another one of my favorites Aaron Douglas who pimped out a great band from BC Desert Radio, made up of two of his good friends and members of his former high school band.  Clearly Aaron’s given up music as his passion but REAPERhe’s got one hell of a sense of humor.  I wish all bands had promo like this:desertradio

“If you don’t [buy the album], I will not reveal the 5th Cylon, I will send Heavy Raiders to your houses and I will pull some strings at Scifi and have the final eps begin airing in 2014, although they might just decide to do that anyway…..” -Aaron Douglas (source)

After a threat like that who wouldn’t pick up their album Asleep At The Wheel on Itunes?  You can get the hardcopy at CDbaby, which I love.  They send you funny little emails when you order.  I like to feel special alright? Anyways Desert Radio’s kinda like the Counting Crows meets ambition plus swearing.  I like it!

Another actor with a not so hidden talent is the one and only Christian Kane, who’s probably most known for singing “LA Song” on Angel, has had us waiting on his solo album for oh about a year134416815_5f75f39c03_o now -not that I hold that against him.  There’s lots of his music out there and he gets all excited when you listen to it on his MySpace so go over and give him some warm fuzzies.  I’d recommend checking out “The House Rules” or  “More Than I Deserve” which was featured on Leverage a few weeks ago.  If you listen carefully you’ll usually hear something of his in the background of almost all his projects at one point or another.

His band was previously known as Kane and included one of my favorite artists Steve Carlson, but as things go, Christian went label and Steve didn’t.  The band changed it’s name to Christian Kane, found a new guitar player and moved on.  While they won’t really say what happened here I think it’s pretty obvious.  I’m not saying Christian isn’t a great artist and a great songwriter,  I’m just partial to Kane together vs Kane apart.  But that’s just me and my little rant.  You can get some Kane stuff here (or check out youtube) and make your own opinion.

So there you have some new music.  Go check it out and let me know what you think.



~ by doublebitch on January 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Video Killed The Radio Star”

  1. i never knew grunny had a musical talent until i read his twittering..he knows his stuff alright! *note to self* buy their cd!!

  2. I love the name of the Band from TV Cd. Their cover on the House M.D. soundtrack is one of my favorites. 🙂

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