Golden Globe Predictions

golden_globeYeah, this is the post where we make… our Golden Globe Predictions.

We’ve never really been the type to predict the awards mostly because we’re not really ones to sit down and watch the awards.  It’s like high school graduation or athletic appreciation night or whatever.  I don’t know, we were never on an athletic team.  And now we blog about TV.  Shocked I’m sure.  Moving on.

Our predictions for the TV portion of tomorrow nights awards are as follows:  (feel free to check here to play along)

Best Television Series – Drama – While People are raving about Mad Men we have to give this to True Blood as it brings a whole different feel to the table.  It really feels like cinema every week.  Dexter is also loved and I’m not even sure why House is on this list.  It’s a drama?

Best Performance -Actress – Drama – In true JDB style we’re gonna do this a little differently, We’re going to tell you who’s not going to win.  Miriska Hargitay.  She is a beautiful woman but since they wrote in the sexual assault of character and then decided that she was a rape baby?  I have no respect for this character.  Every flipin episode she’s crying for the victims and telling them she knows how they feel.  We don’t care if you know how they feel.  You’re the damn cop.  Go shoot some people, get some justice.  If I want emo I’ll buy a Fall Out Boy album. /DB-Rant.

Best Performance -Actor – Drama – We pick Jonathan Rhys Myers to win.  Because he’s awesome and wears tight pants.

Best Series -Musical or Comedy – While we think this category is stacked, We’re going to have to say How I Met Your Mother which wasn’t even nominated.  It’s an outstanding comedy and we think it’s really pulling it’s weight in the half hour comedy slot.  It does a lot of things that other ‘sitcoms’ are afraid to do.  And it’s you know.. funny.

Best Performance -Actress – Musical or Comedy Tina Fey, because none of the rest of them are funny and we’re still pissed at MLP for breaking JDM’s heart.  Twice.

Best Performance -Actor – Musical or Comedy – Again, we have to choose someone not on the official list.  We’re voting for Johny Lee Miller from the canceled Eli Stone.  It’s also one of the only (read best ever) Musical shows on TV.   Also? Who’s still watching Monk? Who ever watched Monk?  Every time I see that show I go..oh it’s the guy from Mad About You but when it’s not Mad About You, or that guy from Mad About You I get sad and change the channel.

Best Miniseries (or made for TV movie)  – My prediction for this is that this category and all it’s subsequent categories should be removed.  TV Movies are where actors go to die.  (This of course doesn’t count BSG, 24 or the Knight Rider miniseries which was 110% better than the series itself)

Best Supporting Actress – This makes me think we should start watching In Treatment.  We would also like to know how a show from PBS made the list but put one tiny bit of Sci-Fi into something and it’s deemed unworthy for awards.

Best Supporting ActorNPH hands down, though even he has admitted that he probably doesn’t stand a chance.  Either way, we’ve got your back NPH. -cue doogie howser md theme-

-Jerk & DoubleBitch


~ by doublebitch on January 11, 2009.

13 Responses to “Golden Globe Predictions”

  1. Looking at all these noms for shows we don’t watch, and having so many shows that I want to start watching, you know what I just searched Demonoid for a torrent of (and failed)? Stark Raving Mad, with Tony Shalhoub and NPH from 1999. I think this is a pretty good indicator of why there are all these shows that I haven’t seen.

  2. because you like Stark Raving Mad? Or because you like the guy who’s not the guy from Mad About You?

  3. Both. But really it’s my love for shows that fall under some combination of ‘obscure’, ‘old’ and ‘canceled’ which explains why I still haven’t watched Burn Notice, or Californication, or Mad Men. Maybe if they were only one season and aired 3 years ago, I’d have seen them.

  4. I think there are so many factors that go into choosing what you watch and what you don’t, or don’t till years later. Personally I’m a years later kinda person. I just watched Angel last year, Roswell, Alias.. the list goes on but you have to find the reason why you want to watch it. Or maybe there’s just some fluke that makes you try it out like me and Damages. uhh.

    So in fewer words, I agree.

  5. Totally second, or third in this case, NPH. Why he hasn’t won yet is beyond me. Criminal. He better win tonight.

  6. Why in the world do they include series regulars with miniseries and tv movies? How is that fair? I hate the Golden Globes. Why am I watching?

  7. Miriska Hargitay’s character on SVU used to be cool, but they took her edge away. However the way she slammed the dude against the brick wall the other night was pretty badass. Personally I miss Lenny Brisco

  8. Where are the awards for Iced Tea?

  9. There is some interesting news floating around my office today. Apparently NBC has taken the Fox television strategy and cancelled the multiple award winning 30 Rock. Dexter is also getting the axe.

  10. for real? oohhh

  11. rumor fail. 30 rock has been renewed.

  12. So has Dexter, 2 more seasons as a matter of fact.

  13. oh really? two season renewal. That’s fancy. When I was in the UK last spring Dexter was on like every channel, every night. They love them some murder.

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