On Weekend Update

We just watched the NPH SNL (had a couple okay skits, wasn’t amazing. The Whopper Virgins skit was easily the best), and one thing that was readily apparent is that Seth Meyers can’t carry Weekend Update on his own. Clearly SNL needs to either replace him with a stronger single anchor, or get a new co-anchor. Unfortunately judging from the strength of the current cast, either of these choices seem a little out of their reach at the moment (for the love of god don’t put Good Burger in there), so let’s just play director and see who would work as a co-anchor for Seth.

Readers without short-term memory loss will remember that I gavenorm two options for fixing Weekend Update last paragraph, but I’ma ignore the replacing Seth one, as casting a co-anchor is more fun, and for my money the single anchor was already done to perfection by Norm MacDonald. Running ‘Hoff and Frank Stallone jokes, plus his notes-to-self equal unparalleled WU.

So, what does a co-anchor need? First of all, good comedic timing. Honestly, Seth is pretty bad at delivering his punchlines. They should also be quick witted, it is live after all. Reasonably believable as a newscaster would also be a plus. Oh, and I guess they shouldn’t currently have something that would make them unable to commit, such as a full time job on another show (I really just needed an excuse to not just say “Jensen!” and be done with the post). Okay, now let’s get some contenders!

tim-robbinsFirst up is Tim Robbins. Films like Nothing to Lose and The Hudsucker Proxy have shown his comedic ability, and IMDB has nothing listed for him other than a rumored role in Iron Man 2. I’d buy him as a newscaster, though he’d be the bad boy of the nightly news, with messy hair and his tie loosened. I think he’d be a great co-anchor, though he’d probably end up upstaging Seth pretty badly.

jake-buseyNext up is Jake Busey. Okay yes, he might not be the first person you think of when you hear the word ‘newscaster’, but I think he’d be great at it. He certainly got the comedy skills (I really loved Shasta McNasty), and once again IMDB says he’s curently free. He’d certainly provide an interesting counterpoint to Seth, plus there’s the chance of getting Gary to be on the show.

nicki-clyneFinally, Nicki Clyne. Sure, I don’t have any real proof that she’d be able to do comedy well, and yes she doesn’t exactly look all that newscaster-y, but IMDB says she’s free! Also, she’s… um… okay so I just miss Cally. But still, who would be a better co-anchor, Cally or Good Burger? She also has boobs, making her the closest of any of my choices to Amy Poehler even if Busey is wearing a bra.

These are just a few possible choices, I’m sure SNL can come up with someone.

Not Good Burger.



~ by Jerk on January 11, 2009.

12 Responses to “On Weekend Update”

  1. First off? The whopper virgins was terrible. and I thought Tim Robbins was Elton John for a second there.

    I think Seth is okay, but not on his own. Also did anyone notice that song Will Forte sang was to the same tune of the last character song he did on Weekend Update a few weeks ago? maybe this is a running gag. The other one was funnier.

    Nicki Clyne? I love her but I would have at least picked Rosenbaum.

  2. Yeah, I wanted a girl on my list.

  3. And Whopper Virgins was the only single skit that made me laugh more than once.

  4. You could have picked Rosenbaum in drag!

    I laughed at his monologue.. until the rest of the cast came in on it. I also don’t get why Samberg was supposed to be Marky Mark. Was that a 4 brothers reference that went over my head?

    I’d like it to also be known that one of the options in my little search thingy was Andy Samberg in my pants. I heart google.

  5. It was related to Marky Mark being the exec producer of Entourage, but saying as I don’t watch it I didn’t get it either.

  6. I was really disappointed in the skits last night. I liked the Doogie theme song thing, only cause it was the Doogie theme song. Bad use of NPH.

  7. Very bad. I don’t know why they went right into a skit after the monologue instead of taking a commercial break. It meant the skit was almost entirely lacking in NPH and horrible.

  8. I caved and started reading your blog again, but I can actually contribute to this one because I watched the episode with Jerk.

    I’m pretty sure the Samberg being Marky Mark is a bad running gag on the show, because I’ve seen a youtube skit with Walberg on the SNL being mad at Samberg or something like that. It really feels more like an inside joke between the cast.

    The first skit was definately something they had been trying to write for a while (I say trying because it sucked). It really felt like filler with *insert host here* at the end.

    Nothing was very funny, Seth Meyer is a horrible Weekend Update anchor and it’s really sad that the cast has a whole week to prepare their bread and butter segment that isn’t even 1/10th as funny as what the Daily Show does on a nightly basis.

    The Doogie theme was only good for Nostalgic reasons and the BK virgins was only funny because fat guys acting retarded are always funny (see Chris Farely).

    Watching how bad this show fares in comparison to other sketch shows gives me the impression that at some point in time SNL became elitist in their casting and it drove truly funny people to other ventures, like UCB Theatre (creating the Human Giant and a lot of the Daily Show writers).

  9. I think the amount they use the goodburger guy speaks directly to your elitist point. I think they’ve become concerned with creating a brand, like snl people go and make movies after, we’re what they do in their spare time. Granted 30 rock just won the GoldenGlobe and without SNL there is no 30 rock.

    I’m with you, SNL doesn’t know what it’s doing. It’s trying to be political but it’s not, it’s trying to be as good as it was but it’s not. The only reason I ever tune into SNL anymore is for the guests anyway. I miss tvfunhouse.

  10. 30 Rock seems more Tina Fey herself than SNL. The other SNL cast members seem to be there because Tina knows them. Though Lorne Michaels is the exec producer for 30 Rock, so I guess in a way it does only exist because of SNL.

    Glad I could refute my own point there.

  11. I’m not sure if you were aware of this, but TV Funhouse was actually made into its own short lived television show. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

  12. look at Kyle, comin in with the hot tips today. I will have to check that out.

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