To Be Spoiled or Not To Be Spoiled

As we gear up for a pretty epic week of TV -atleast for those of us who are partial to aliens and dead things- there’s been a lot of information thrown at us.   Thankfully I’m not scared of information and I’ve had some time to dedicate to wading through it all.

Hatchback Spoiler! Get it.  It's a pun.  Yeah.. awesome.

Hatchback Spoiler! Get it? It's a pun. Kinda.

One thing I have been super conscious of lately is spoilers.  Maybe I’m getting old and less adventurous but I have been avoiding BSG spoilers like the plague. I just don’t want to know. It’s like not snooping around the house for your Christmas presents the day before Christmas.  I don’t want anything to ruin the beauty of the last 10 episodes and I cringe every time someone asks someone who might know.  All the actors, for about a year now have been saying ‘you don’t want me to tell you’.  And I think it’s true.  None of the fans really want to know before they know.

Eddie Olmos was so captivating as a speaker this summer at FanExpo, I’ve even rewatched the videos and found myself caught up in what he’s saying.  I love that they believe in what they made and that’s what makes me believe in it too.  They take it seriously.  Maybe that’s why we treat it differently as a show.  I’ve waited this long to find out what happens, we’ve watched hours of what can be described as totally depressing television.  The message of hope was always there but it didn’t always feel like it.

But I digress, this was supposed to be an article about Dollhouse believe it or not and had nothing to do with spoilers.  I’ll write that up later this afternoon.  But for now, do something good for your soul.  Pick one show you watch and avoid all spoilers for the rest of the season.  See how it feels.  See how you enjoy it.  We’ll check back with each other in a few months and see which we like better.  Spoiled or au naturale.



~ by doublebitch on January 12, 2009.

7 Responses to “To Be Spoiled or Not To Be Spoiled”

  1. Avoiding spoilers is getting more difficult, which makes me more keen on reading them. Bad, bad!

  2. For me that is Lost. I spoiled myself on the season 3 finale and I’ll never forgive myself for it. It was still awesome but I would have been more floored had I not known about the flash forwards and Charlie’s death and whatnot. Now, I ask you, does that mean I have to avoid the faux spoilers like Kristin puts out? Cause I don’t know if I can do that! hehe

  3. yeah seriously, that Kristin is three quarters useless.

  4. Kristin and Ausiello are the only spoilers I like, because they’re hints and playful, not just flat-out spoilers. They actually make you more excited for the shows, I think.

  5. They’re kinda geared towards the fans too, like you have to know something to get them. But maybe that’s a stupid comment considering you probably wouldn’t care about spoilers on a show you don’t watch. Unless you’re Kyle.

  6. haha Kyle!

  7. Yes, exactly, Kristin and Ausiello give hints but never flat out say who is gonna die or ruin a whole storyline. So I read them but that’s about it, spoilerwise.

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