The Gospel According to Whedon

joss_whedon_back_on_the_air_with_dollhouse_409x325Last week I read an amazing interview by the futon critic with producer /creator Joss Whedon.  I was really impressed with the interview and if you’re a fan of Joss’ work, I recommend you go check that out.

In the interview he was asked about coming back to television after the success of Dr Horrible’s online.  Whedon said “I am ultimately agnostic about medium. I love telling stories.”

For me this brought up a lot of questions.  At first, as a lover of TV I was offended.  Personally I feel it’s a far superior medium to get across characters and stories but I think that comes down to the story itself.  Take something like say.. The Notebook.  It’s a great film but if you dragged out the story week after week it wouldn’t have near the same effect.  I don’t need to tell you why TV and movies and theatre and new media all need to exist but I do want to look at the idea of being medium agnostic.22145

Personally, I don’t think it’s possible.  Then again, we’re not all in the privilege of being able to create the things we want like Joss is.  I don’t believe it’s possible because there’s still a hurdle.  TV actors struggle to become Film actors.  Effects on film are usually better than those shown on television.  It comes down to time and money, like pretty much everything else.

If different stories didn’t require different mediums we would never have felt the need to progress from radio or silent film.  But that’s just it.  Different mediums not better.  Perhaps Joss is onto something, probably, he almost always is and I’m glad that he is medium agnostic but that’s not going to stop reality and personal preference from getting in my way.  I am a devout televisionist.  What about you?



~ by doublebitch on January 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Gospel According to Whedon”

  1. See, I’m not so much a fan of TV as I am of long form serialized fiction, which is why I also read so many comics. Or is that the same thing as being a fan of TV? I sort of thought being a TV fan would mean being a fan of the entire package, but I hate commercials, and almost never watch TV on the TV unless it’s via DVD.

    I do consider myself a big fan of film though, I love going to a theatre to see a movie, and even when I’m watching one at home I prefer that there be no lights or sounds other than the movie, and if possible play the entire film nonstop start-to-finish. I even watch the credits (but then I always watch those for TV shows too, that may just be an OCD thing).

  2. I think thats a good point. Commercials are part of that. Oh reminds me. I was watching Heroes on my on demand tv tonight and i had to watch one commercial for the network during each commercial break. It was kinda lame but mostly understandable. show commercials > product commercials.

    I am a movie fan but I feel less guilty sitting down and watching an hour of tv than an hour and a half or more film. I think its a patience thing and a schedule thing, because I have sooo much going on right now.

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