Tyler Labine’s Funniest Work Yet

I have many loves on tv, one of them being Reaper’s Burt Wysocki played by beloved Canadian actor Tyler Labine. I really wanted to see his film at TIFF this year but somehow never got around to it. As the old saying goes, when you love something set it free.. but that’s an old saying and this is now, a new year and the internet. The new saying goes, if you love something, stalk it.

tyler_labine_001Today Labine updated the Reaper facebook group with some details about the second season premiering March 17th.

“Okay. Wowee. We just finished shooting season 2. I personally think we’ve out done ourselves. There are some of the funniest things I’ve ever put on film in my entire career in this season. I am very proud of our lil’ engine that could show over here.”

With Season 2 in the can their thoughts move to season three.  One has to wonder if the strike(s) had anything to do with them pushing through production so far ahead of schedule.  Or maybe it had to do with not knowing when they’d be back on airing new episodes.  Or it could have just been that they film in Vancouver and have to make it look like…someplace warm (LA?) and that gets harder to do with snow and rain all winter.   Either way, the attention turned to the big question for all shows, will we be renewed?

“We are on the “buuble” for a season 3 already so viewers are what we need. I was talking to Tara Butters at our wrap party the other night and she told me that we have a better chance of getting picked up for season 3 than we did for season 2. Good news. She probably didn’t want me to tell everyone that but I can”t help it. There was also a rep from ABC studios there who was emphatic about how much they love what they’ve seen this year. It’s all good shtuff.”

This is good news.  Last year while shows like Moonlight struggled with major staff changes and the strike Reaper managed to thrive and got progressively better through the season.  I encouraged anyone who stopped part way though to keep watching to the end.  This only points in an even better direction for next season.  In the mean time what will Labine be up to?

“I’ll be in touch more frequently now as I unemployed for the time being. Ahhhh sweet unemployment. Gotta go, I have a lot of Family guy to watch.”

I’m kinda hoping he’ll work on his Rapping career some more.



~ by doublebitch on January 13, 2009.

One Response to “Tyler Labine’s Funniest Work Yet”

  1. Hee, Sock rocks! I’m looking forward to the return of Reaper in March, although that will be another thing to watch in my already rather full schedule. Nice to have too much instead of too little though!

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