Thursday TV Takes Planning

It’s Wednesday night and for me that usually means making dinner and well waiting for Thursday.  I like to use the night to catch up on other things but I don’t have any of what Kring would call “appointment television”, yeah I hold grudges. It’s gonna take a while.

This Thursday especially I’ve actually been almost more excited about than Friday. This week has a solid double feature going on.  Just the kind of treat we need after a cold week in January. Thursday night (the 15th) brings back two things I love dearly – Tom Welling and Jensen Ackles.  I mean.. Smallville and Supernatural. And let me tell you both episodes look stacked.

evilchloeFans from all over have been anticipating the return of Smallville with it’s comic-y goodness bringing in both the legion of extraordinary superteens from the future and mastermind scribe Geoff Johns. Buckle in for some really great plot and a lot of super cheesy hero puns oh and did I mention Evil!Chloe?  Yeah, Evil!Chloe.

Supernatural doesn’t usually scare me.  Most of the time I’m too busy with the funny the pretty and the bromance to get scared. A few exceptions might be teeth pulling and that guy who got the saw through the chest. They do a great job of bringing gore to TV screens under a censor but tomorrow nights episode actually looks scary.  The boys are in deep with a ghost and it looks like they might not make it out alive, again. Or dead, again.

grissom_hatNow that we’ve gone through the usual suspects I’ll tell you what else you should be watching tomorrow night.  Grissom makes his last appearance on CSI:the original.  I really thought this happened months if not years ago. I haven’t actively followed this show since they locked my precious Nicky in a coffin. Tears. Seriously. But I do enjoy the show and feel like I should see the monumental moment of his adieu. While I don’t support the watching of Ugly Betty, it will be new followed by a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy in which Denny might actually die and if he doesn’t they better start putting his name in the credits.

You think I’m done? not a chance. Earl, The Office, 30 Rock and ER are all new as well over on NBC. And for the elderly, This Old House and Antiques Roadshow are also new.  Just a tip for any of you American types or those of us forced to watch your stations, the presidential address may shift but not cancel any of the must see TV. Thankfully, I’ll be watching the CW and they don’t care.

Oh and don’t forget next week Bones will make it’s move to it’s new day and time Thursdays at 8, because clearly you had nothing else to watch then.

Happy viewing!



~ by doublebitch on January 14, 2009.

5 Responses to “Thursday TV Takes Planning”

  1. At least when Life on Mars comes back, it’s moved from Thursdays after Grey’s to Wednesdays after Lost. But yeah, Thursdays are annoyingly stacked.

  2. Thursdays are insane. I have to tape two shows at the same time and watch another one in my bedroom (tape the SN for repeated viewing and blogging purposes). Now Bones is on…meanwhile I was bored as hell on Tuesday nights til Idol reappeared. Why can’t they spread things out better? At least we know Dollhouse will be on Fridays and I assume Reaper won’t be on Thursday nights when it gets back. Insane. Spread it out TV people.

  3. They’re pairing up reaper with 90210 which is a terrible idea but i think that puts it on tuesdays. I wonder when top model will come back. I swear it’s like all I watch is the cw. And somehow TV guide is okay with removing it from their publications. Not okay!

  4. Ahh yeah that pairing makes no sense but maybe it’ll illuminate how sucky the acting is on 90210. One can hope. This won’t affect the CW shows tonight but if you record NBC or ABC or Fox or anything, Bush is appearing for 15 minutes or so to say goodbye. Why he chooses to do this on a Thursday night is beyond me. If he dicks up my DVRing I’m gonna be pissed.

  5. I have a strange urge to watch 90210 ever since I found out that Corbett is one of the main characters. I think I’ll be able to control myself and continue with my non watching, though.

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