The Week of Jensen

Keeping true to our resolution we bring you more Jensen on a week that’s already full of Jensen.  I don’t hear anyone complaining though.


Thanks to andreas_ri for the pretty.


~ by doublebitch on January 15, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Week of Jensen”

  1. MMMM Happy birthday to me. Just a few hours til Jensen returns on SN and just a day or two til I haul out to the theater to reach out and touch the vision of him. Or have a 3D axe thrown at my head instead. Should be a blast!

  2. Yay! happy birthday!

  3. Thanks! Jensen is all the present that I need!

  4. Happy birthday! In the spirit of giving from a Christmas not so long past, I give you – and this is big! – Jensen for a whole hour. Aren’t I generous?

    LOVE the pic btw.

  5. there’s a lot you could do with Jensen in an hour.

  6. Lol – dang it, that’s so true!!!

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