Leverage's Time Paradox

I’d already heard that the episodes of Leverage weren’t going to air in their original production order. This wasn’t all that unusual, in fact until the recent rise of episodic television, it was pretty common for eps to get switched around all the time, as there wasn’t much episode-to-episode continuity to worry about (hell, even SPN swapped the last two pre-strike eps last season, to give a better cliffhanger going into the hiatus). leverage-butcherI just kind of assumed that if they were doing this with Leverage, there wouldn’t be any of that previously mentioned episode-to-episode continuity to muck it up for the eps that were going to get shuffled around. After this week’s ep it seems that this isn’t so much with the correctness.

Let’s start with Christian Kane, as an excuse to put up this awesome picture here. In this week’s ep he has a bit of a heart-to-heart with Hardison where he talks about Aimee from episode three as if we hadn’t been introduced to her yet. Okay, a little strange to see something so blatantly telling that the ep isn’t airing in the correct spot, but that’s fine. Obviously this was meant to be the third episode of the series.

Oooor was it? Let us now take a look at Nate and Sophie’s relationship. First of all, Sophie seemed overly whiny about it in this ep, to an extent that it reallyleverage-natesophie didn’t seem to match what we’d seen in other episodes. But let’s just say weddings make her act weird and move on. Was their relationship as depicted in this ep believable if it was intended to be the third episode of the show? Looking at her initial outburst when they’re first in the mansion, I can see that occuring early in the show, yeah. But then later on we have her rant and his wedding ceremony/rant, and I don’t think that I could see the other four episodes taking place after that stuff had happened, Nate/Sophie-wise.

Okay, now for the third thing I want to look at: Parker/Hardison. This episode was the first to show their relationship as more than just purely one-sided. As such I thought it flowed perfectly from the end of last week’s ep. It also would have absolutely not fit as the third ep for them. Parker/Hardison-wise I think seventh ep was the perfect place for this to be.

leverage-fedsFinally, there’s those two bumbling FBI Agents out in the van. Did you guys notice that it was the same two guys who show up at the end of The Bank Shot Job? Now saying as they were field agents there, sent out to deal with an armed robbery, it stands to reason that episode took place after they’d been promoted for putting away Mosconne (and that they’ll then be promoted again, for peacefully ending the hold-up and catching some drug dealers on top of it. I like those guys) at the end of this week’s ep.

So, four different aspects of The Wedding Job that seem to point to different locations that this episode should occupy. In conclusion: uuuh, I dunno. But it’s strange right?



~ by Jerk on January 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Leverage's Time Paradox”

  1. I don’t think it was even intended to be the third episode but I see why you’d put it there for Kane-ly reasons. I thought I’d heard it was to be switched with the next episode we’ll see. Um something about airplanes job.

    The only thing that may have straightened this out, at least with Elliott’s storyline is that Haridson wasn’t really in on the whole ‘they so in love’ thing. It was mostly Sophie, but I don’t think any of them, being you know..con men would miss something that big and growly and sexin’ in a stable-ly

  2. Comcast OnDemand lists “The Wedding” as episode 103. So, that was the third episode filmed. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it was supposed to be third in the viewing order (however the Kane issue is messed up).

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