Magic Sad Ball Predicts Happy Future for Smallville

014122334Now most people are probably going to say the Legion was their favorite part of last night, or maybe even the Evil!Chloe.  I loved both of those things.  I loved the whole episode -even the throwback Clana talk on the porch but my favorite part of the show had to be when Clark donated his sad ball to his fan club from the future.

Clark’s sad ball has always been there and been through a lot.  It was the first baseball he ever hit and it went clear across Smallville.  It was there when his father died and it was there when the girl he loved married a bald man.  Clark’s sad ball has always been there for him so I think it’s a highly symbolic notion to give it to the future.

By getting rid of the sad ball Clark is looking to better times ahead.  It’s symbolically giving up his solitary lifestyle, it’s moving him forward and it’s just plain drool worthy writing.  Did you catch all the loose ends they tied up or addressed last night?!  Even Chloe herself was given some canon vindication.  Their what ifs made me tingle.  I just hope the rest of the writers were listening and soaking up everything they could.  Johns was a treat, I know but it’s hard not to wish for this kind of writing every week.

He signed it with his eyes!  What more do you want?!

How about the best interview quote of the day: What’s that part of the Hippocratic oath – “First do no harm, unless you’re a giant monster with bony protrusions”?
Witwer: “And at that point, rip their chest out.” That’s the unspoken part.

Still need more?  how about the new cast pictures over at They’re pretty but I have a whole other post worth to say about that.  What happened to Hartley’s hair?!



~ by doublebitch on January 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Magic Sad Ball Predicts Happy Future for Smallville”

  1. Uuuuh. I want to… I dunno, print out the binary code for that episode so I can hug it, or something.

  2. I loved the AC foot DC mouth comment so hard

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