BSG – because clearly you hate yourself.

This is new spoiler free as I’m on a raging rampage in support of being spoiler free for the last portion of this series but that doesn’t stop me from taking about the show in general.  Even if you’ve only seen the first few episodes you know that BSG is depressing.  Its time after time kicking our heroes when they’re down.  If it were a puppy you would have called PETA by now.

kfc1Speaking of PETA this brings us to KFC’s new promotion – The Frak Pak.  Yes you heard me.  It’s some sort of deep fried chicken product combo AND you can enter to win prizes like a BSG toaster, a framed copy of the most amazing poster known to man, a signed scrip and a years supply of KFC.  Great.  Just what you always wanted.

If the depressing nature of the show wasn’t enough for you, maybe you should just eat KFC for a year.  It’ll take care of all your problems.  But hey, just think of how much time you’ll have to start watching other sci-fi shows when you have to quit your job and lay on the couch all day because you’re no longer sure if you have feet under there.

Remember what happened to fat Apollo?  yeah.  Dead hookers.



~ by doublebitch on January 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “BSG – because clearly you hate yourself.”

  1. Being bombed on Caprica sounds more appealing than having free KFC for a year.

  2. I do kinda like the popcorn chicken.. It might be worth it for that toaster.

  3. You know, I don’t think they force you to actually eat the free KFC.

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