Comic Book Geek-Out

As you probably know, this week’s Smallville ep was written by one Geoff Johns, comic book writer extraordinaire and one of the top writers working at DC for the past decade or so. This meant that there were tons of wonderful moments in this episode for a comic book fan, especially (obviously) a Legion of Super-Heroes fan.

legion-ringFirst up we have the Legion flight rings. They’re certainly one of the more iconic items to be designed over the years, so I was floored by my geekdom when we got our first glance at Cos’ ring and it was exactly the same design as in the comics. That’s the sort of detail that so rarely ends up right with TV or movie adaptations, they were done perfectly here.

There’s also all the tons of references the Legion allow for, as we get to hear the three founding members of the LoSH refer to each other… well, exactly how they would. Lightning Lad is the only one ever called by his full codename (I seem to remember Garth saying ‘Cos’ at one point, but Rokk is never called Cosmic Boy, and Imra was definitely never referred to as Saturn Girl), the rest of the time they just use their names. I loved the Brainy shout-out (Braniac 5 is my favourite LoSH member), as well as Garth mentioning his sister. Everything they said in this ep sticks with the comic continuity.

This post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the other side of the coin, that being Johns getting a chance to let his own Smallville fanboy show through. From mentioning ‘no tights, no flights’ in the actual episode, to actually bringing up the fact that Chloe was created for the show and wasn’t an existing part of the Superman mythos (I really really loved how Johns used standard comic continuity as legionthe history the Legion was familiar with, simple but brilliant), it was clear that Geoff Johns was already well acquainted with the show.

Finally for a bit of cross-pollination of my interests, here are some comic book suggestions. First of all the obvious choice and one of the best Superman stories I’ve ever read, Geoff Johns’ Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes trade. There have been several different versions of the Legion over the years (it’s an easy concept to reboot, all you have to do is say that the timeline has changed at some point in the millennium between now and then), and I’m sure everyone has a different opinion on which was the best, but I really liked the most recent version by Mark Wait and Barry Kitson. And Finally if you want more Geoff Johns, really just about anything of his is excellent, but I suggest the Green Lantern: Rebirth miniseries.

…I really loved this episode, just in case anyone had any doubts.



~ by Jerk on January 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Comic Book Geek-Out”

  1. I loved it too but what do you think the odds are that this ep was great because they didnt really let Welling ‘act’

  2. I prefer the Thing ring, over the LoSH flight rings, simply because you could make it “do your thing”.

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