Battlestar Galactica 4.11 Postmortem

battlestar_lFinally I get to my Battlestar Galactica post and it’s pretty juicy!  So if you’re ready follow the jump.  While we have a strict no review policy here, this is just me touching on a few important points.

“No more Mr Nice Gaius” Is one of my all time favorite BSG quotes but with recent revelations it leaves me wondering what is to be made of Mr Gaius Baltar now?

He’s effectively been removed from relevance.  I’m not saying I thought he was a cylon, but he used to be a leader, he used to be a god, a prisoner, a traitor but if they were all one all along… he didn’t really do anything they couldn’t have already done.  ohh Cylon on Cylon violence, always hot.  I’m just not sure what the future holds for our beloved Baltar now that he’s been revealed as effectively insane.

Oh Duella, we will miss you.  It felt almost too fast, shocking maybe even hard to understand but I think that was the point.  The only reason it seemed so fast was Sci-fi and their year long break of evil.  I think it was totally relevant for her to be so broken by earth.  I’m actually surprised there weren’t more even if it seems a shame to come all this far to end it now.  I think this also cements the fact that Starbuck and Apollo will never be together and never really were the Romeo and Juliet they thought they were.

Other than quasi rockstar Anders I loved the revelation with the final five about earth.  Maybe the final five are the only true humans and we just haven’t figured out how to tap into eternal life yet.. huh? no?  alright fine.  Or they were experimented on.  Still no?  fine I’ll let Ron D Moore do the work and I’ll just write about it.

Starbuck.. I have no idea but I think burning your own body would be a pretty big trip.

Lastly I’d like to talk about the reveal.  Granted there’s a part of me that doesn’t really believe it, it’s cool that the final cylon was killed by one of the 4, at the behest of two other final 4s for being a traitor and working for the cylons.. supposedly.  Anyway, let me bring you back once again to my FAVORITE POSTER EVER.  why don’t I have a copy of this yet on my wall..right above my computer.  I’d move Damon.  I really would.


If you’ll notice here there’s one big space.  Where?  Right beside Tigh and he’s almost looking at her. Either that or Lee has something in his ear.  Only one of the final 4 is missing from this picture and that’s because it’s Tory and she’s lame.  Tory is replacement Billy and it would have been Billy if Paul Campbell hadn’t quit to go do.. whats he doing now?  oh yeah, nothing awesome.  He could have been a cylon.  God damn impatient actors.   Tory is also not white and would throw off the representation of the many cultures in the shows main characters and advertising.  anyway…  There’s a place for Ellen in the picture and that’s exciting.

When are we going to see Nicky or the six/tigh baby?  Is she still in the brig? I can’t tell my sixes apart when they’re all blond and wear tracksuits.
Where did Gaeta get a prosthetic leg?
Why does Chief only need glasses when he’s on a planet?



~ by doublebitch on January 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica 4.11 Postmortem”

  1. If they built a bar on Galactica, I’m sure they could build a fake leg.

  2. that’s the only question you answered because you don’t have any answers for the rest of them.

  3. This is true, yes.

  4. Oh I also meant to note that Tory appears in the opening credits as a guest star still. I understand there’s probably payment/union-y legal issues that go with something like that but I enjoy watching her be less important than the others.

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