What’s Your Safe Word?

This is just another example of a side railed post.  This space was supposed to be filled with my reactions to the latest episode of BSG but instead you get this.  Mmhmm, I love you too.

Why is Thursday so far away?


~ by doublebitch on January 20, 2009.

9 Responses to “What’s Your Safe Word?”

  1. I see an in for a BSG/SPN crossover in my mind now.

    My mind has issues.

  2. …Chief no!

    You smell like cabbage!

  3. Oh man. I’m sorta crying. I have tears.

  4. Good god, what is that? Jensen looks beautiful though. HAHA

    Speaking of beautiful Jensen, how hot was he in that movie? The tank top scene alone made it worth my $10.

  5. $10? we paid $15 and it was still worth it. Good amount of gore and pretty if you tried to ignore Jamie King.

  6. I went in the day. hehe Yeah, she really sucked, not sure why she’s supposed to be such a beauty. Her voice annoyed me too. There was plenty of gore and pretty at least!

  7. Oh I so need help right now. I’ve finished all the first three seasons of SN in what, a month? Not even? And I want to watch season 4, but I can’t find it on the usual suspects… Should I just start watching now, or should I tough it out?

  8. I think you should push through seeing as the seasons just keep getting better and better. It’ll be worth it in the end.

  9. Wish me luck then, as I attempt to find all the episodes of this season online. The usual sites are now giving me trouble, so if anyone has the URL to anything newer, do feel free to send it over 😉

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