Obama Drops Heroes Spoiler

prez-heroesOkay, so it wasn’t him directly.  It was kinda a mix of Grunny’s tiwttering and the Los Angeles Times via Obama Day.  Greg posted this video earlier of the cast stopping to watch the inauguration today.  Being Canadian I slept though this, but I’m happy for all you Americans none the less.  Actually, I’m pretty happy for the rest of the world too, but that has nothing to do with Heroes.

breabama1In the video Grunny gives us one of his famous peptalks and then at the end we see the cast/crew cheering for the new President.  Yeah, yeah not so exciting but what does excite me is the presence of Miss Brea Grant.  Okay, not a spoiler really.  It doesn’t say all that much but I’m a concerned citizen for the preservation of the only romantic line I’ve ever enjoyed on this show.  They’re well into the end of the season (my guess would be around ep 19-ish) and this shows Daphne looking rather not-murdered yet.  This is really all I can hope for.  I’ve loved Brea as an addition to the cast and I’d just like to see her around more.



~ by doublebitch on January 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “Obama Drops Heroes Spoiler”

  1. Brea/Daphne seems popular enough, I’d like to think they’re smart enough to keep her on.

  2. yeah but I heard things about his wife coming back. Actually Greg said those things and they make me cringe for his story line.

  3. I think Daphne is here to stay in Heroes, at least I certainly hope so! And I too love the Daphne/Matt love story.

  4. You know, I got really high hopes for her when she appeared in Matt’s future vision. I think she’s important to our main cast heroes and their ultimate destinies

  5. mass prediction failure

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