Leverage Hits It's Stride

leverage-group-no-hardisonI’ve had very few doubts about TNT’s Leverage from the beginning.  It’s a solid show with a solid premise and a great cast.  When I first watched the pilot I was hooked.  The only thing I was worried about was if the show could keep up such a complex and intense plot week in and week out.   Despite the fact that the number of episodes is still in the single digits and will barely make it out of them this season I think they’ve proven themselves.

In that great article I told you to read last week, Joss Whedon spoke about getting a new series off the ground and while he was talking about Dollhouse, I think it applies perfectly here.

I always hold to the premise that the first six episodes are the first six pilots. … You pitch it with the premise and then you get to all the stuff that you’re really doing it for. … I like the premise, I’m interested in the premise. But it’s the people behind the premise that are ultimately the heart of the show.

We’ve seen the premise not only laid out but twisted and changed and kept interesting.  We’ve also seen more character development than I had ever expected from a show of this kind.  Leverage is action meets comedy plus intelligence and just a pinch of awesome hair. What I’m saying is that if we follow Whedon’s first six pilots trial guideline Leverage has presented itself as a consistent textbook example.chriskane-hair

While on the topic of awesome hair Kane pulled off three different looks this week including the Legolas inspired half-back do.  Dean Devlin tells cliqueclack that the mane was all Kane’s idea.

“It’s an evolving thing. It’s so interesting to see how people have reacted to it … his fighting powers come from his hair … opponents are so dazzled by his pretty hair that they don’t see the punch coming….”

leverage-planeSomething else Kane’s hair maybe blinds us from is quasi believable cgi of a plane landing.  Let’s take a second to note ironic timing on this.  (I wonder if they would have pulled it if there had been fatalities. ) The concept of this weeks ep was pretty wild but my love for this show has done something shows like say.. Heroes have failed at. It’s pushed me into the realm of believability.  You could drive a hummer up the side of a building and I’d still be okay with it.  My only wish is that they had gone with less.  I believe you that the plane is going down, you don’t have to show me.  I think they could have pulled it off with a lot less ‘show’ and a little more tell.



~ by doublebitch on January 22, 2009.

10 Responses to “Leverage Hits It's Stride”

  1. Plus if you only had 1/4 the CG shots, then you can spend four times longer making them look good. It did seem pretty hokey, as you said the show’s awesomeness makes you accept it.

  2. Yeah I just wish they didn’t feel like they needed to put it in. They could have used that time to explain wtf happened to Hardisan. I get he wasn’t there but a really short clip of him sleeping through the phone call would have worked wonders.

  3. Dude I’m gonna wear my hair in the Legolas half do all day today, you will quickly realize how un-cool it actually is.

  4. Are you sure about that? What if you find out you actually like doing your hair like that? Then you’ll be asking me to do the weird fishtail braid thing. This could get messy.

  5. What do you mean wtf happened to Hardisan?

  6. I saw it more clearly the third time I watched the episode but it was kinda subtle that he got to work and realized nobody was there.

  7. I thought it was pretty clear the first time that they were scolding him for missing the first part of the mission because he was up late playing the latest WoW expansion.

  8. This was probably due to me being a big geek and enjoying the fact that they were dropping correct game references.

  9. No I caught that part but I missed WHY he missed it. Nobody gets what I’m saying. The WoW ref was clear. I just mean why exactly. Was he asleep? did they wake him up and he said no? did his power really go out? I wanted to be shown. Three seconds would have cleared it all up. But thats just me being picky.

  10. It would have been 3 seconds of him staring at a computer monitor, possibly with a headset on.

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