Aribaderchi Frogurt

There have always been a bunch more survivors of Oceanic 815 than just those who make up the main cast of Lost, from the classic season onelost-nikki-paulo antics of Steve and Scott (deceased), to the much less liked season three antics of Nikki and Paulo (at right, also deceased). I could go into how I actually really liked Nikki and Paulo, how theirs was a utterly ridiculous story that involved them finding many of the islands’ secrets ahead of the main cast, and not caring about them in the least, and how their ep also featured Billy Dee Williams, so how could I not love that? But I won’t.

Because what I want to do today is take a look at the most recent of the tertiary 815 survivors to bite it: Frogurt.

lost-frogurt-01Frogurt made his explosive Lost debut around five minutes into the second episode of season five last night, where he complained loudly and questioned the point in attempting to build a fire, before Sawyer came and took the extra shirt he’d apparently been holding when they time travelled. Already this powerhouse of dramatic characterization had shown he wasn’t afraid to ask the hard questions, or give away his superfluous garments. And above all, it was clear that Frogurt was going to be heard, dammit! He wanted, nay needed, everyone else to hear how they were screwed and all going to possibly die.

When next we saw the mighty Frogurt, it was night time. Bernard had just failed at building a fire, and Miles had returned with a dead boar. Always quick witted, Frogurt wasted no time in berating them both and screaming loudly about their lack of knives and fire.

lost-frogurt-02It was at this time, ranting about not having fire, that Frogurt was ironically pierced in the chest region with a flaming arrow. Never one to panic, Frogurt immediately implemented the ‘flail and scream as the fire spreads’ technique. It may have worked too, had he not been struck by more flaming arrows. Frogurt was last seen falling face down and burning on the beach as the rest of the 815 survivors fled into the jungle, and while we haven’t had confirmation of his death, it seems likely that was the finally hurrah of Frogurt, roughly twenty minutes into the second episode of season five.

Goodbye fair Frogurt, you will not be forgotten.



~ by Jerk on January 23, 2009.

One Response to “Aribaderchi Frogurt”

  1. Hee…the death of Frogurt shall never be forgotten! As I said in my blog tho, no way anybody THAT annoying would have survived over 100 days. Tell me Sawyer wouldn’t have killed him somewhere along the way? Or Ben during his lurking with the Losties days. But it was appropriate that Frogurt went out in a blaze of glory while complaining about the lack of fire. It was beautiful, really.

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