Censoring Supernatural

SUPERNATURALOne has to wonder where the line is drawn when it comes to prime time network censorship. Say if someone were to make a show about our blog. Would our title even make it to air? Tonight’s episode of Supernatural was titled “Chris Angel is a Douche bag.” Personally Douche is one of my all time favorite words. Douche, followed by Angioplasty. (I actually cheered when they used it on House this week.)

Counting the actual title card the word douche was said a total of 9 times in this episode. Most of which were in the first five minutes. I loved it and I’m happy that Supernatural is so often given free reign with their content. One of my favorite things week in and week out is hearing the brothers say “son of a bitch”. I don’t know why, it’s just a thing. So I have to say I was honestly surprised when a word was bleeped.

Now, I’m hoping this was only SUNTV in Canada trying to save our sweet virgin minds but you may have noticed Ruby was bleeped when she said ‘Bitch’. More interestingly Dean was NOT bleeped when he said ‘Bitches’ only moments later. One of the last lines on the episode of Smallville aired right before was Tess Mercer saying – you guessed it – ‘I loved you, you son of a bitch’. SUPERNATURALSo why then we must wonder did this happen so selectively if it were to happen at all.

It’s a show about hell and blood and guts. I keep coming back to it but what about that guy who got the saw though his chest, or even last week with the hand delivered murder of the incest basement babies.. There are worse things going on on this show than a little bit of pg-13 language which is already disclaimed between every commercial break.

I hope this was a one time thing that happened accidentally because someone let their grandma into the control room downtown. Let’s not even take this to the argument of it’s alright for a man to say but not a women.

Overall I thought this episode was oddly placed and could have used about 80% more Sam and Dean. You gotta admit the guy from Spin City was great and they have an amazing DP on this show. I think they wasted a perfect opportunity for Sam to remember he has super powers and the end has me a little worried.  Don’t do it Sammy!



~ by doublebitch on January 23, 2009.

9 Responses to “Censoring Supernatural”

  1. Man, I can’t remember the last time something was bleeped on TV that I saw. I mean srsly, I remember flipping channels after Conan and catching Showgirls on CTV uncensored (short review: it kinda weird seeing Elizabeth Berkley naked and the plot was fucking terrrrible).

    I’ll definitely update on whether there’s bleepness when my torrent finishes downloading.

  2. I asked one other person and they said it wasn’t. But we’ll see. like 90% of torrents are Canadian anyway.

  3. douchebag, douchebag…douchebag, sonofabitch, douchebag, douchebag, douchebag, *bleep* douchebag, bitches, “mer-people”, douchebag, douchebag.

    i was so disappointed with sam’s non-use of his superpowers. and, the previews were a tad misleading, although i get why he rode off in the dark with his demon hoe.

  4. I agree – it’s not the bleeping per say that is annoying, but the fact that it is selectively done. I really wonder what happened. Have you thought of getting in touch with the station in question? Could give you a great follow-up post 😉

  5. Oceans of people will die!

    People don’t live in the ocean! What? the MERRR people?

  6. Ruby’s “bitch” was loud and clear here in the USA so I think it was just your area. I loved the bitches and douchebags and craps sprinkled throughout the episode, it was fun!

  7. Oh just RUB IT IN, why don’t you 😉 Just kidding nolebucgrl!

  8. I watch Supernatural off of Amazon so I haven’t had to deal with it being censored. I am Conservative but the only time I’ve been bugged by cursing was in “In the Beginning” where it seemed like at some point the writers where testing there luck or showing off that they could get away with it.

    Like you said the subject matter is such that if someone watching can’t handle the word bitch they need to turn the channel to Nick. Because if the word bitch gets you all upset you won’t be able to handle creepy as hell incest stories.

  9. They haven’t really explained how Sam’s powers work anymore. It seems like since he gained the exorcising powers he hasn’t had the precognitive stuff or the telekinesis, maybe? In which case it makes sense I guess that he didn’t use them.

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