Okay, this entire post is spoilerific if you haven’t seen this week’s episode of BSG (4.12), so I’m just going to put up a picture and go straight to the jump on this one.


First of all, sorry but there aren’t any cookies. Gaeta’s leg is a lying bitch.

Okay, so with this episode we have the beginnings of a conflict which could quite possibly erupt into full-on civil war for the remnants of humanity over attempts to make a lasting alliance between the fleet and the Cylons. It seems obvious the question is whose side our characters will end up on, so let’s take a look.

bsg-versusFirst of all, I think it’s safe to say that all the Cylons will be pro-alliance. I would have been unsure of Tigh a few episodes ago, but he seemed to be pretty happy about knocking up Six (unless she was actually impregnated by Hotdog), and is actually accepting his Cylonitude pretty well. I could actually see Tory being against the alliance, not because she’d side with Gaeta and Zarek,  but because she seems to believe that Cylons are a superior lifeform to humans. I think she’ll end up siding with Cavil’s forces before the end of the series.

As for the main characters, I’m fairly sure that Baltar with be pro-alliance too, though how he deals with learning he isn’t the final Cylon could push either way. Really I’m just hoping he does something soon and doesn’t get O’Malley’d. Starbuck being a… something, as well as being married to a Cylon will probably put her firmly in pro-alliance territory. Plus, Gaeta was a total bitch to her. Apollo has already established himself as being pro-alliance, so not much to speculate about there. Helo’s a good soldier so he’ll support Adama, and he’s long been one of the biggest Cylon supporters on the show.

You know, now that I look at this I think the only main characters who would have sided with Gaeta and Zarek are dead. About the best they can hope for are, I dunno… Seelix and Racetrack? Lex Luthor’s mom? No wait she’s dead, um… Hoshi I guess would likely side with Gaeta. We’ve pretty much run out of characters now, haven’t we?

Wow, when I think about it this conflict seems really stacked in favour of Adama and Rosalin. Anyone disagree with this?



~ by Jerk on January 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “FIGHT!!”

  1. First off, you’re so going to hell for that jump graphic.
    THAT took you all night? really?

    Torry’s already teamed up with Cavil. I don’t think there’s much question there but Cavil might go pro alliance. I wonder if Gaeta would support support from the opposite side? like team up to not team up?

    ha! O’Malley’d I was worried Roselin was going to get Izzie’d. I really liked watching him start shit then just sit back. I’m also surprised Chief was there and not pointed out. Also why was he named former chief but Tigh still has his job?

    I think with Starbuck it’s more about her and Leoben. She hasnt really cared for Sam in a long time and on top of that she’s probably still messed up about him being a Cylon. I really think she’d care more about losing Leoben.

    one last one, I’m pretty sure Gaeta broke up with Hoshi and Hoshi totally interrupted him in a stfu kinda way. I’m not sure they’re so close anymore.

    I like that when asked how many he just said “enough”. I also like and think that the webisodes are essential to really getting whats going on right now.

    where the hell is Anders? and Ellen was so left on new Caprica with the cylons who picked her up and fixed her. I bet it’s the centurions. They knew, they saved her.

  2. Not the first one, that took a couple minutes, the second one took most of the time. Mainly masking out all the pictures, though figuring out how to do the name text took a while too.

    Cavil’s more on the side of ‘kill all the humans and the renegade Cylons’ though.

    He’s former Chief because he quit/got fired for his outburst after Cally died, so he’s… I dunno, something non-chiefy now.

  3. oh right. It’s hard to remember everything.

    I think it really comes down to the quorum and I think Zarek’s got them wrapped around his finger.

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