FOX tries Reverse Psychology on Bones Viewers

boothWhen Fox moved Bones to it’s new slot on Thursday night with -well almost all of my favorite shows I thought it was a terrible move.  I used to flip between Bones and ANTM on Wednesdays but without it’s ‘mate’ I’d let my Bones watching fall to the wayside.  What fixed this?  Pissing me off and moving it to Thursdays.  When I think Thursdays I think TV and while I think TV most days I think other people who maybe don’t think TV everyday, probably think TV when they think Thursday.  Strike that, reverse it.

Now not only did Fox move Bones to Thursday, they also hit us with a double feature this week.  This I found odd.  What a great opportunity to show us a two part episode!  Except they didn’t.  The next option would be to air an old one then a new one?  nope.  Two new, totally unrelated episodes.  The first to air was in my opinion the better episode but I might just really enjoy Boreanaz in a giant moustache.  Throwing knives is sexy, ask Jensen.

bonesboothThe second to air was a hockey themed ep where Booth is a suspect.  Overall it was a stupid plot but acted more like a normal episode of Bones.  There’s something really compelling about the connection the two have and I think they’ve wisely kept it quasi-professional-esque.

What this show really comes down to is some great supporting cast, good chemistry and Boreanaz being awesome.  I really enjoy him as Booth.  It’s nice to see a little more life and humor come out of our beloved Angel.

I really can’t decide which I like better, so I pose a couple questions to you:
1) Which Boreanaz character do you like better Angel or Booth?
2) Does the new Thursday night slot make you more or less likely to watch?



~ by doublebitch on January 25, 2009.

7 Responses to “FOX tries Reverse Psychology on Bones Viewers”

  1. I’ve watched like 4 eps of Bones, so not overly informed, but I like Angel better, for the most part. I’m a fan of the comedic brooding time (for example, being pouty over Spike showing up and being a second vamp with a soul) more than the dramatic brooding time (Connor/Holtz stuff), though.

    As for the second question, neither, due to my downloadyness. It’s on my list, but it’s so long running that it’s pretty far down. I’ll totally get around to watching it all eventually though.

  2. See and it’s the fact that he’s allowed to be more comedic in bones that has me leaning that way. It’s less brooding. They’re quite different characters but at the same time not. Uh season 4 is still sitting on my shelf wrapped.

    I think Bones is a little like CSI or something in the way that I don’t feel the need to see EVERY ep. But at the same time I don’t think I’d ever buy just one season of a show. That would bother me to randomly own like season 4.

  3. oh, unless it’s the GoldenGirls or Saved By the Bell. I kinda want to have just one season of those to watch on a rainy day.

  4. Mmm, I want to get that set of the first two seasons of Perfect Strangers, but I don’t think I really need the complete series. Same thing goes for Night Court.

  5. I got drunk the other night and watched an episode of Perfect Strangers on youtube and laughed my ass off. Good times.

  6. I love Bones and watch it religiously. I was highly displeased about the Thursday night move but I’m DVRing something else to watch Bones live. At least it’s not always on at 9…everything is on at 9. Still, the night is too loaded as it is.

    Loved the first episode and was just okay with the second.

    In answer to your questions, I think I like Booth more than Angel. I like his sense of humor and his understanding of Brennan. I’m ok with broody boys but Angel might have been too broody. Still hot though! And yeah, I think the answered the other one but I will be watching.

  7. I think if there is such thing as too broody it was Angel.

    And yeah, I’m not watching it Thursdays but it did put it in my mind with the other things that I watch so I’ll remember better I think. We’ll see.

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