Dead Set

Let me start off by saying I love zombies. With a few exceptions, they’re the only type of horror film I really enjoy, and with even less exceptions the only one’s I’d ever actually buy. So when some random IMDB surfing landed me on the Dead Set page, I had to check it out.

dead-set-01Dead Set is a five episode British miniseries that aired this past October that chronicles the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse on the set of Big Brother. Not only is just a cool and unique location for a zombie story, but it’s pretty much the perfect upgrade of the mall from Dawn of the Dead for modern society (for those unfamiliar, the connection was between zombies and mall shoppers, shuffling brainlessly from store to store. What better symbol of braindead modern society is there than reality TV?) and it shows that you can still come up with a quality zombie yarn.

What really surprised me was just how good this miniseries was. Easily one of the best things to come out of the modern zombie renaissance that Shaun of the Dead and the Zack Snyder/James Gunn Dawn of the Dead brought about. Everything about Dead Set was top level quality, from the cinematography and lighting to the acting and pacing to the gore effects.

dead-set-02I specifically mention the pacing because I wasn’t really sure how episodic zombies would work, but I was really pleased with how it was done. They aren’t so much episodes, as chunks of the story. It would work fine cut as a film, which I think is one of the keys to why Dead Set was so awesome.

Any zombie/horror fan really needs to check this out *cough*demonoidlink*cough*, it’s the sort of thing I never expected to see done well on TV but writer Charlie Brooker and director Yann Demange did it perfectly here.



~ by Jerk on January 27, 2009.

One Response to “Dead Set”

  1. Zombies? I’m all over this, thanks for the heads up

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