I thought we were…double entendres..

l_d1fdfb54eaec4dae891726e5d4c9aa8b1To be honest a few months ago the name James Gunn wouldn’t have meant a whole lot to me other than director guy but then I started watching Scream Queens and got all caught up in the twitterverse and now he’s part of my daily routine.  Funny that.  I originally started watching the PGPorn shorts for Nathan Fillion and Rosenbaum but I’ve gotta say this latest installment, despite the inclusion of an outside ‘famous’ actor is probably the best one so far.  Watching Rosie play a homicidal Charlie Brown was just a little awkward.  Anyway, in this week’s release James Gunn himself takes on the lead role and it’s one of the funniest ones yet. It might be because this pornstar is a better actor than the last one. I wanted to embed it but of course that’s too much to ask from wordpress.com so you’ll have to follow the link here.



~ by doublebitch on January 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “I thought we were…double entendres..”

  1. Hey Jerk… if you’re gonna go edit my posts, make sure they’re wrong first. Jerk.

  2. It was wrong, I just changed it to… equally wrong.

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