Heroes Superbowl Playbook Sneak-Peek

Now for the good news – Lets give Heroes writers/creators more credit than they probably deserve – just for fun!

Many sites have been posting these screen shots from the Heroes Superbowl commercial airing next Sunday that poses the question what if the Heroes played football?  While the tight pants have most people in a tizzy the first thing we both noted were the jersey numbers.  What could they mean!?


The first thing I did was look them up to see if they were significant dates to either the actors or the characters.  I found neither of these to be true, so lets do the next thing put them in order.

sb11First we notice that the new nemeses Nathan and Peter are polar opposites.  Using 1-100 as our scale it should be noted that Nathan isn’t even close to the others.  So Nathan tries to get to Peter but the first obstacle he hits is Parkman who I think could give him a run for his money.  Other than Peter I really feel Parkman is one of the most powerful Heroes on the show, even if he’s often overlooked or busy chasing around really fast hot chicks.  Parkman distracts Nathan, maybe convinces him to go get him a beer and a hotdog and maybe some ranch.  While all this is happening Mohinder is running for the hills.  Mostly because without his spidey powers the only thing he’s really good at is getting knocked out.

The two numbers closest to each other are easily Ando and Hiro and this comes as no surprise.  These two are forever bound to each other and have probably teamed up to get their asses out of the way of the two brothers.  They have never really bothered to get caught up in the whole incestuous Petrelli thing.  But it should be noted that all these characters stand between Nathan and Peter.

Who’s not there?  in these pictures at least we’re missing all the women but lets forget about that.  It’s HRG and Sylar who I’ve pictured here working the sidelines.  Sylar brought his pompoms.   And lets not over look the leg wear.  So telling.  You know, if this isn’t all in my head, they may have put more thought into this commercial than they did the entirety of Season 3 so far.



~ by doublebitch on January 28, 2009.

17 Responses to “Heroes Superbowl Playbook Sneak-Peek”

  1. I also like to think that Nathan’s calves are an indicator of something. Not sure what though…

  2. Yeah, sadly I didn’t know if that was like.. depending on position.. or something? I don’t know anything about football other than it’s really boring and makes my mom make nachos.

  3. Huh, that never even occurred to me. I just assumed all the players would wear the same stuff, I mean they all just run into other guys/are run into by other guys, regardless of where they are on the…. uh… line-up thingy.

  4. jerk/doublebitch sports fail

  5. I really dont watch heroes, or football, but its an interesting theory. maybe you should factor those nachos into the equation?

  6. Maybe HRG is eating the nachos while he watches. I bet he had nachos when he watched Sylar and Elle get it on.

  7. I’m calling it, HRG loves nachos. Fanon.

  8. Hee…well as your sole football watching poster,(maybe) I can weigh in on the numbers in a different way. Peter is the quarterback, most important position on the team. Hiro checks in at running back, taking the hand off from Peter. Ando is the fullback, leads the way for Hiro on running plays, his protector if you will. Parkman is a lineman, the first line of protection for Peter, blocks those coming after him and gives him time to get rid of the ball. Mohinder at 36 is a tough call, usually that’s more of a defensive player’s number, a cornerback or a safety. So he could be trying to get Peter. Nathan’s number is that of a wide receiver or a tight end, he would catch Peter’s passes. Read into that what you will! Hee, what fun!

  9. oh my god they like colour code their positions by numbers too? I just made myself look really stupid. But i took the math nerd approach which came up with a few of the same ideas. It should be noted I almost failed math all through high school too.

  10. Hehe no they don’t color code the positions but there are certain numbers that are more positional. In recent years wide receivers have actually pushed to get lower numbers, like 19 and such, but the majority of them are in the 80’s. Most QB’s are in the single digits or low teens. Most running back’s are in the 20’s, etc. But your math theory worked for me, I was just offering a different take on it 🙂

  11. I did read someone said Greg would make a great linebacker but I have no idea what that means so I just kinda ignored it. That and I figure Greg could make a pretty good anything.

  12. Hehe well a linebacker tends to be all muscle, but some of them do have 50 numbers now that I think about it 🙂 Lineman tend to have bigger guts, that’s why I assigned him that role, but he is indeed, awesome.

  13. I’m going to stop while I’m already really far behind. I should have asked you to come guest this post in the first place.

  14. Nah, I’m just happy to have you venture into the world of football, albeit via Heroes. Now if I can just get you watching FNL! That’ll be the next step! hehe

  15. I almost ordered season one today. It’s on at amazon for like $19

  16. 🙂 Consider it!! I actually think they released the DVD at about $20 initially to drive up viewership. It’s really a quality show and I’m absolutely in love with the Taylor’s. I have a great family myself but I would love to be adopted by them, they’re that awesome!

  17. Hey not sure if you guys saw it or not but the Heroes Super Bowl ad with the football was really cute. Here’s a link.


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