Kring Tries To Distract Fans From Show

00heroesThere are two Heroes posts in me tonight so first I’ll give you the bad news then the good.   Over the last week I have heard about two different outreach programs for the show.  The first being a fan club with super awesome extra exclusive info for paid members.  None of which has been determined yet.  At this point the fan club is still up in the air but Kring has met with people about making this an option.

The second NBC has announced that Heroes will be teaming up with, a teen pixelated chat site to unleash, you guessed it, more crazy fun wicked cool insider content! A little character will start out on and will then start to appear on the habboHeroes Evolutions site and eventually end up in the comics.  I think it should be noted, for those of us past the age of majority that is kinda like second life.  It’s a site where kids get an avatar and then pay actual cash for virtual things.

All this on top of the websites and sprint phone exclusives, not to mention the comics and the figures.  What happened to Origins again?

I suppose as Heroes fans we should be happy that they’re providing us with so many ways to interact with the world but personally I’d be willing to take a cut on the interactive side until they figure out how to make the world interact with itself.  Kring is taking meetings with people about potentially inaccessible fan clubs while his show is preparing viewers for the up coming volume by telling them they didn’t really even need to watch the last one?!  Maybe if he got out some colored hankies and waved them around in my living room on Feb 2nd when I’m trying to watch, that might work better. Finally he had the nerve to ask for fan input on the fan club.  How about you concentrate on letting other people run your show and we’ll concentrate on being fans.   Fandom, after a point, is self perpetuating and we’re quite good at it.  You do your job, we’ll do ours.



~ by doublebitch on January 28, 2009.

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