Civies Tour Galactica

galactica-shipSome of you may have already taken in tonight’s episode of Battlestar Galactica while some of the rest of us sadly full service cable-ly disabled have to wait a few more hours at least to get our Cylon fix.  On the inside or not, I’ve got something to tide you over. has put together a virtual tour of our beloved Galactica that gives us an upclose and personal view of 8 of our favorite locations and the hallways that connect them.

Take a look at all the cool artifacts in the Admiral’s Quarters.  Go to the Lab and read the system damages report.  Snoop around the CIC, the Hanger Deck  or check out how they’ve rearranged the furniture in the Brig.

It’s actually pretty well done and not too terrible to move around in.  I’m glad they added the zoom feature -very helpful.

Check it out at:



~ by doublebitch on January 30, 2009.

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