Three Letter Fact Or Fiction?

Everybody loves acronyms.  It’s true.  It’s like we live in a world of short forms because we’re really lazy and our phones have tiny buttons.  That or we feel cool when we speak in code.

Today I present to you two acronyms SPN on DVD.  Yep, now for the fact or fiction part.  Earlier this week a Misha Collins fan site (that’s the angel guy) leaked the DVD cover art for SPN’s season 4 boxset.   With their traditional release date being well into September and the WB having not released anything to the media a lot of people are questioning it’s authenticity.


The biggest sign pointing to it not being real I would say is the lettering.  None of the boxes yet have used the intro like multi setting of the show name. It’s usually got the vertical shine/blur lines off the letters.  Also, we’re missing the Metalicar and her ominous headlights of awesome.  I will give them major bonus points for Dean’s hand though.  That’s pretty awesome and it’s nice to see Sammy’s forehead since it’s become such a huge part of the show now.  This would also be the first time another character has shown up on the front cover and the guys are usually sepia toned or faded blue.  This is a little too true to colour.

So I’m gonna go with fiction but really good fiction.



~ by doublebitch on February 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Three Letter Fact Or Fiction?”

  1. Yeah I’m saying fake too, but it looks nice. And I think that the colouring would end up fitting in once it’s foil-shiny-ified (see Heroes season 2 vs the original un-shiny picture for it).

  2. Yeah I have a hard time believing Cas will make the cover but if he did I would not cry. It is pretty awesome looking.

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