Heroes: Better, Stronger, Faster

It’s no secret that Heroes did quite a bit wrong in volume three, and yes Kring saying you don’t need to have watched any of it for volume four is a bit off-putting, but I’m really excited and I’m expecting volume four it be far better. First of all Bryan Fuller is back on board after the cancellation of his Pushing Daisies. His episode Company Man is widely thought to be the best of the series (and honestly off the top of my head I can’t think of any single ep that Isylar liked better, but that’s partially due to the episodic nature of the show), and many fans are happy to see him back. While most of volume four had been plotted out before he came on board, I’m sure just having him in the writers’ room allowed for him to add some ideas and various tweaks to volume four, which can only improve the series.

Another thing I’m excited for is Mark Verheiden coming aboard. Most of you probably know how NBC fired Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander a few months ago because of the direction (or lack thereof) the show was taking. Well, Verheiden is who was brought in to replace Loeb as Kring’s new showrunner, because of course he couldn’t just helm his own show or anything. But anyway, Verheiden has a background in comics like Loeb, though I’d say his work is much better (he’s done some really cool stuff for Dark Horse in the early nineties) though Loeb is far more famous for his comic work. They both worked on Smallvilledavid-anders-subtitled for a while (in fact they actually co-wrote Red together), but then he went on to be a producer and writer on BSG. Let’s face it, that gives him some serious cred (even if he did write the ‘Apollo’s space hooker’ episode, he did a lot of really good ones too – like latest ep). Just a quick scan of their work on IMDB shows that Verheiden seems a much better choice for proxy showrunner than Loeb, so I’m pretty excited to see where he takes the show.

Once again, both of these additions would have happened well into the production of volume four (Loeb and Alexander weren’t fired until around when they were shooting the volume three finale), so I think it’s safe to say there will still be some of that volume three residue lingering around. The important thing is that I see the show going nowhere but up from where it is now.



~ by Jerk on February 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “Heroes: Better, Stronger, Faster”

  1. how is it even possible for someone to write both the fat apollo ep and this weeks?

  2. Between last season and Ultimates 3, I think it’s safe to say the removal of Jeph Loeb is a selling point all on its own.

  3. I really liked Red. One of my all time favorite Smallville Episodes ever – of all time.

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