Leverage Lives On

56225626honeyj1120200843523am1 I am so pleased to tell you that our favorite new show of the year has been renewed for a second season.  TNT announced today that the show’s sophomore season will be 15 episodes and will begin to air this year.  This could mean back to set anytime for the Leverage stars.  One has to wonder what this will do to the album Kane’s had on the shelf for months now with the promise to be out.. well last month.

Music aside, the 15 episode pick up is a little disheartening for someone who was really wishing for something more like 21 but I’ll take it.  The show has been consistently pulling great numbers with the likes of 3.4 million an episode.  For their time slot, network and irregular start date this is probably more than they expected.

Either way, I’ll be happy with the early pick up and spend the rest of my season enjoying a show I know I’ll get to enjoy well into next year too.  Yay!



~ by doublebitch on February 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “Leverage Lives On”

  1. Hi,
    Can you clarify something – I thought that TNT added 6 more eps to this season. So – 6 more this Spring and 15 starting in Fall?

  2. Oh wow! No, that’s not something I’ve heard. From what I’ve seen we’ll be seeing just the 13 we got this season and they’ll start filming the next 15 in April. Those are supposed to start airing this ‘summer’.

  3. I did some digging and found this

    “As various Humans reported today, Leverage has a new six-script order. To clarify fan speculation, these will not be tacked on to the end of Season One, but would be in theory the first six of a Season Two, if we are indeed picked up for a second go-round.” [here]

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