“The Oath” Post

OUT16578353I’m really late on this again but it’s my turn to do the BSG post.   Alright, so first I think we need to make a bit of a shout out to Gaedolph Hitler who gave up his mein kampfy chair for a job where he has to stand all day.  Yes that was terrible and he’s not really that bad but I’m still left shaking my head going “What the hell?!”   Can you imagine what this all seems like to someone who hasn’t watched the webisodes?

I am in no way criticizing the writers or creators or even the actor for a flaw, I’m more just shocked at the turns this final season..half has taken. That said this episode was amazing.  I was squealing on more than one occasion.  Where to start?  The President and the Admiral were so great to see,  Anders being dumb, Cheif rocking it like always, Lee and Kara, Helo being totally out of character, all great.

This Ep really got me thinking about Duella and how sad but massively important her death was.  Unfortunately It wasn’t in a good way, her death didn’t save the day, it actually made everything much worse.  If Dee had been comms officer the uprising wouldn’t have been  half as effective.  (He really thought two guards would be able to take a final 5-er and the man who’d kept them all alive for the past 4 years? tisk tisk)  It was Dee’s death that allowed this all to work which is even more sad but maybe gives a glimpse into how important her job was, not to mention just really good writing.

Well, that’s all I’ve got.

Who all got on the raptor?
Is Hoshi still on Gaeta’s side?
What are they planning on doing with the cylons on board and what will Anders tell them he knows?
What do you think the odds are that those guard guys are at a different door than Adama and Tigh?



~ by doublebitch on February 4, 2009.

One Response to ““The Oath” Post”

  1. I think Hoshi is shocked and unsure, I’m not sure which side he’ll ultimately end up on. I was really disappointed in Seelix, she was being a bitch (not as much of a bitch as Gaeta, but still).

    I think the guards were at the Tigh/Adama door, but I don’t think they’re dead.

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