TNT Reschedules Leverage Addiction

leverage_1-9_00294 We’ve mentioned before that the episodes of Leverage are being aired out of order from both the filming schedule (normal) and the original airing schedule (not so normal).  When we asked a TNT rep about this they told us that the decision of airing order was ultimately up to the network not the show’s production team.   While I think this is a really stupid plan and or fact of life I can see why some of this has been happening.

The last two week’s episodes were originally planned to be aired significantly earlier than they have been which has left some of the relationships, facts and information seeming a little off.  The wedding job came too soon but I’m glad we got it early as it’s probably one of the top three episodes this season.

The reason I think they’ve put off airing the past two episodes until now has to be related to Nate’s drinking.  The audience needed to be more attached to the character and comfortable with the flow and tone of the show before they could explore such a dark storyline.   I will admit that I feel a little awkward with this story, like maybe I don’t want it to be happening but it’s being dealt with pretty well, at least by Hutton who is nailing Nate every time.

leverage_1-9_00399I have trouble seeing how a character like Eliot would continue to work for someone who suffered from such a serious flaw.  Hardison is young, Sophie loves him and Parker probably doesn’t see it as a weakness at all.   I’m going to continue to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one as it’s my only real issue with the show so far and years of TV love have taught me to be patient and have faith.



~ by doublebitch on February 4, 2009.

5 Responses to “TNT Reschedules Leverage Addiction”

  1. I think the drinking thing should have happened earlier, it was clearly being set up in the second episode, then just forgotten about for over a month.

  2. yeah i think that’s one of the big issues is that it totally went away.. and if this was supposed to happen before that stuff..where’s the ep where he’s magically better? did we just see that?

  3. Yeah I dunno. It’ll be interesting to see what order the eps are in when the DVD is released.

  4. The way the episode have played out make it feel that the drinking is a result of working at Leverage, as opposed to the drinking being a result of losing a a child and a marraige. That would make the housing plan flow better with the heavy drinking as a relapse in the housing episode.

    The rearranging of the episodes feels like someone at TNT missed the point that the team got together based on previous history, deciding that character traits and chemistry must be developed during the run instead of already existing.

  5. another case of the wrong person with power

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