A Follow-up Post

Right, so the Heroes volume four premiere may have been… slightly way more full of dumb than I had hoped, but honestly I’m sure a lot of that can be chalked up to the ep being written by Kring. He clearly needs someone to iron out the flaws in his plots, and he just flat out doesn’t have an ear for heroes-v4-01dialogue. Even the Peter/Mo scene which I really liked, just sounded awkward. How strange is that? I mean it’s crazy to assume you’re getting a poor episode when you find out that the creator wrote it. With most shows, those are the good eps, the ones you look forward to all week (or however long ago the Internet told you who the writer of the ep was). I mean, A Whedon ep of Buffy, or a Kripke ep of SPN, Chris Carter on X-Files, these are the good ones. I don’t think I’ve ever known a show before where the creator is one of the weakest writers they have.

Okay, that was a bit of a rant, back to what I wanted to say to begin with: sure, there was bad and dumb in this ep, but it did do one thing that I really liked, and which is long overdue for the series in that it actively recognized that the characters have jobs other than stopping the end of the world and switching between good and evil constantly. Of course, I doubt that will last long, what with the direction the story’s headed in, but it was still nice to finally see that in the show.

Oh, and a not to all writers on all shows and movies: That is not what happens when there’s a hole in the side of an airplane. You know it isn’t. We know it isn’t. Please stop showing that happening.



~ by Jerk on February 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Follow-up Post”

  1. have you heard the peter theories? theory spoiler!
    that peter can only hold one power at a time. If this is the case, which it looks like it is. That’s stupid. and if you were going to do that you should have informed peter and the audience prior to not really threatening his life but really because we didnt get it. It’s like .. I’ve said it before, kring writes this shit then never goes back to read it again to make sure it made sense.

  2. It looks like they’re taking a pretty big influence from Marvel Civil War, which I guess they’ve been doing for awhile but its really visible now.

    Oh and to contribute to the crazy Peter theories, I heard someone say that Peter somehow got his Dads power and is actually STEALING peoples powers.

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