Angela's Dad Suddenly in Everything

tom-irwin-011My So-Called Life was a show full of awesome actors. One I always really liked is Tom Irwin, who played Angela’s father, Graham. I was always disappointed that he never seemed to do anything else that I ever saw/was interested in seeing. This seems to be something of a problem for a lot of television actors after the show they’re on ends. Sure, most shows have someone who goes on to do lots of stuff (Jared Leto), but a lot of good actors just kinda disappear. Anyway, I was happy that I got Brian Krakow in Roswell, Angela was in the bad Terminator film, and some Rickie in my Raising the Bar. But recently I seem to have been deluged with Tom Irwin.

tom-irwin-02First he showed up as a judge in the tail end of Eli Stone’s first season. Which was cool, that would qualify as one of those random little ‘cameo by someone I remember from something else’ things, like Rickie on RtB. But then who shows up in the premiere of Lost to lawyer up Kate but Graham Chase, and he was back this week too. And speaking of this week, he had a pretty huge guest spot on this week’s ep of 24. Each of these roles has been bigger than the last, which leaves me wondering if these are the first steps of a full-on career resurrection. Which would be really cool, and give me some hope of seeing Nicholas Brendon again.



~ by Jerk on February 6, 2009.

One Response to “Angela's Dad Suddenly in Everything”

  1. Did somebody say Nicholas Brendon? He really needs to get back on my television!!!

    I had noticed Irwin popping up, too. Maybe he’ll have a more permanent spot somewhere when the fall lineups are announced?

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