Winchester vs Winchester

Earlier this week both Sam Winchester and I claimed that he was the better hunter but I got to thinking, is it true? Let’s take a look at the facts.  If we split the brothers -as is- right now:






Born January 24, 1979 and again September 18, 2008

DEAN – Younger

Born May 2, 1983 and again
May-ish 2007.

Killed by super bad ass demon – little girl


Killed by Hardison from Leverage

Has a hot ride


Thinks Ruby is hot

Runs the scams – keeps the cash flow


Does the research

Can eat anything


Could probably go hungry for days

Has Bobby, will keep in touch


Has Bobby, Won’t keep in touch

Has… Castiel


Has Ruby

Supermodel pout



Crafty with pick axes


Taller, Stronger, Better

Gets Sam to mend his wounds


Mends his own wounds

Knows Macho Hick


Knows Latin

Touched by an Angel


Touched by YED

Impala has the weapons


Has backpack

Brock Kelly


Colin Ford*

Not so organized


Meticulously organized

Has a sense of humor


Has Ruby

Would never kill Sam


Might Kill Dean

Ultimately we’ve come back to a tie.  Both men have put up a good fight but help us out here.  Who do you think is the greater hunter?

* I’d like to take a moment, while everyone is fawning over Brock Kelly to talk about how effing awesome Colin Ford is.  This is some of the best acting I’ve seen by a kid in a long time not to mention he’s been on a load of awesome shows.  Remember the exploding baby on Smallville?!  It was actually baby Sam Winchester.  That blew my mind this morning.  Also stuff like Journeyman and Close to home AND he’s got first billing on the really hyped upcoming movie Push which I’ve dubbed Heroes -the movie.



~ by doublebitch on February 7, 2009.

19 Responses to “Winchester vs Winchester”

  1. I’ll have to say that this was the best blog about Winchester brothers I’ve read this week (No offence Nole). I haven’t laughed this hard in ages, so thank you.

    But to answer your question, which brother is the better/greater hunter, for me it boils down to the last question: Would Dean really kill Sam? Sam would kill Dean that much is clear and it used to be clear that Dean wouldn’t kill Sam for anything, but I’m not so convinced any more. I do think it would take hell on earth and worse threats to make Dean even consider the fact, but he’s been in hell and last Thursday he came damn close to kill his little brother. Not to mention the fact that daddy John warned Dean that he might have to do it, to kill Sam.

    I fully believe that these past four years have made Sam the greater hunter, in theory. But he has this demon blood syndrome which complicates things. Fighting against an outside threat, Sam could win every time. Dean might too since he has more experience. But when facing a threat within the family? I don’t doubt that Sam would sacrifice his family for the win whereas Dean… Dean would probably unleash hell on earth to save Sam or what ever is left of his life.

    So I guess that makes Sam the greater hunter but Dean has something more important. He has this newly found tighter grip of humanity.

  2. Yeah and I think that’s maybe the key. I think it will come down to what’s more important : the battle between good and evil or having humanity?

    I can’t see any of this working out in black and white like dean dies, sam’s a great hunter – ride off into the sunset.

    So maybe in the long run it’s Dean because he’s got something that Papa never really figured out after he changed. Have you read the comics? They give such a great back story to all this.

  3. Sorry, I have to document this:

    They’d never last without each other – 69%

  4. Dean should win for the Supermodel pout.

    and i object to Sam winning for ‘might kill Dean’.

  5. No, I haven’t read the comics. I just might have to. Where should I start?

    It’s odd really. Dean has the tightest grip to humanity and he is the only one in the family to really embrace their profession, the family business. Mary wanted out and found John, then still an ordinary man to spent her life with. John turned to hunting to find vengeance and Sam is on that path too.

  6. I havent read the second set yet either but here’s the first set. It’s a bit more into John when the boys were little.

    I think there’s a lot of Mary in Dean. we’ve seen that the few times they’ve met. It’s part of what so great about this show. They make you ache for the characters and how badly you wish they could have a normal life.

  7. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, which is what makes them a great team. I find it appalling and unnecessary that people are up in arms about ‘Sex & Violence’. Dean needs to be needed and still wants Sam to depend on him. Sam already moved on from his father and now he wants to move from Dean (with temptation from the dark side). He’s like Jake when he got the taste of power.

    People need to get the hell over it and move on.

  8. I’m sorry, I don’t get what you mean? That people are upset about them fighting?! I thought the boys fighting was great! I wish they’d had a more epic battle. They could do a whole episode of that and I’d probably be pretty happy but I think it’s valid to evaluate them separately to see what would happen if they were taken to the test on their own.

    I think they said very real and honest things. That’s why I originally agreed that Sam’s the stronger hunter.

  9. To be honest, I thought this poll was extremely biased and that if you HONESTLY wanted to determine who is the “better hunter,” you could have done a much, much better job.

    It was, however, fun to look at for kicks and giggles, and I’m happy that the option of “They’d never last without each other” is winning.

  10. But whether they can survive without each other isn’t connected to how good of a hunter they each are. I agree that they need each other, but I think they’re going to drift much further apart first.

    And Dean totally wins for supermodel pout. Sam usually forgets he has superpowers, Dean always remembers the pout.

  11. Sorry, I might just not be thinking straight because I’m sick and everything’s very fuzzy in my brain region, but why is it that Sam “might kill Dean”? I can’t remember anything that would suggest that.

    I liked this, though, especially the acknowledgements that Sam having Ruby doesn’t compare to the things Dean has. : )

  12. Nothing really, I just get the feeling that Sam might put it to consideration, only if things became totally dire. But I think Sam has the balls to do it where as Dean would probably kill himself first. Maybe I’m way off on this, and I hope I am but when Sam was on his own he was able to move on. I’m not sure Dean could do the same thing.

  13. No offense taken, rameau, DB is awesome! Love the list, love it so very much! I haven’t voted yet, I’m still thinking about it but I think Dean is going to reach the point where he would/could kill Sam if it came down to saving everyone else. A year ago, no chance in hell, but now? Maybe. And of course that is probably going to come up again! Loved the episode and the battle between the boys. Sam was clearly stronger but Dean did flying tackle him through the door and get that axe while Sam laid there stunned. So it’s hard to judge…

  14. I think the key here is the humanity that was mentioned in the comments earlier, Dean has it or is embracing it whilst Sam is moving further away. I think out of sheer experience, and instinct Dean is the better hunter, but if you’re talking technicalities, yes it’s Sam. However, if this all boiled down to a brother against brother, I have a feeling that Dean would win in the end, no matter how strong Sam is, because Sam will be his own destruction, and Dean believes enough in the things he does to come out on top.

    Not to mention he has angels on his side.

  15. OMFG, I love all your comparisons! My sister and I were losing it over here xD

  16. Dean did it just fine on his own while Sam was at college. Dean’s the better hunter. Demon blood doesn’t make a better hunter.

  17. “Sam will be his own destruction” Love that!

  18. How can you compare when Sam has the advantage of powers. If it was muscle on muscle Dean would win every time. Sam needs his powers. In saying that, I think that even without his powers Sam has improved. Oh, and I don’t think that Sam being willing to kill Dean as a plus for Sam.
    Awesome poll 🙂

  19. Sam only mends his own wounds when Dean is dead.

    I think there is a situation in which Dean will kill Sam. Sam is in an “end justifies the means” mentality. This leads me to believe that Sam would be willing to go full on Deamon to kill Lilith, causing Dean to kill Sam because Sam would then be a full on monster.

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