The Clothes Make the Man

NUP_111711_1628There was tons of awesome in this week’s Battlestar, but what I want to talk about is Lee’s Clothes. Apollo has never been my favourite BSG character, and I’ve often found him fluctuating between ‘pretty cool and interesting’ and ‘annoyingly whiny’. He’s been at the centre of some really great moments (season one’s assault on the Cylon asteroid base, Baltar’s flightsuit1trial), and some really lame ones (when he was floating in space dying, and of course his space hooker and her kid). I think all this fluctuation is due to how often they try to switch things up for Lee. He’s been at various times: a petulant child, a Battlestar Commander, CAG, fat, married, a lawyer, and a politician.

One thing I will give Apollo is that he’s always had some really awesome clothes. First off, the standard BSG military uniform and flightsuit. I think they made a really cool uniform as far as science fiction militaries go, second only to the Empire’s to me. And those flightsuits are just awesome, who doesn’t love that green-gold rubber ness?

Then we started getting Suit Apollo, which was also cool. I mean, suits are always awesome, and it was somehow made more awesome by the fact that we’d never seen Lee in a suit before. This brings me to this week’s episode, 4.14, where we get this awesome combination of different Lee styles.

dress-apolloSlightly unbuttoned dress shirt, dress pants and shoes, and a thigh holster for his sidearm. Somehow these clothes seem to have once again rocketed Apollo into the awesomenity. The grenade thing (and he’s right, Kara would have thought that was hilarious if she’d done it) reminded me of a Lee we haven’t seen in a while, the Lee who kamikaze’s a Battlestar to save his father.

I like this Lee a lot, and hopefully with just six episodes to go, he’ll be sticking around for the rest of the series.



~ by Jerk on February 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Clothes Make the Man”

  1. only 6? sobs

  2. Well to be fair, EJO did say that the last few eps will be extended, and I’ve heard rumours that the series finale will be 3 hours. But yeah, six eps left.

  3. During these last two seasons I’ve only partially paid attention to anything in this show but I have to agree; Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama looked and acted great once again. The part where he and Kara shot the soldiers and Kara went to hide while Lee just stood and watched was absolutely fabulous. I don’t think I’ve been this happy to see him since the miniseries.

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