Is it just me or did last week rock?

Last week really stood out to me as one of the best single weeks of TV that I’ve ever experienced. If you go by Sunday as the start of the week (I normally start with Mondays), then it’s even better as it included the awesome Superbowl episode of The Office. But for this post, let’s say the week started on Monday.

big-bang-01Monday gave us what was quite possibly the best episode of Big Bang Theory to date, and one of the few times I’ve felt that it’s been as good as HIMYM (which was also really good, and I posted about it before), though I am starting to suspect that they’ve decided to forget about Leonard’s girlfriend. Then we had a really amazing episode of 24 that wrapped up the first arc of the season (and not in the way I expected), and began to interweave all the various plots together more. We also got the return of Heroes which did have some good bits, but quite honestly was the low point of the week.

fringe-porcupineTuesday featured another really solid ep of Fringe (last week was also excellent), they’ve been doing good since returning. It seems like they got the studio note “more X-Filesy” and followed it to great success. Melting brains and were-porcupines are much better than homing pigeons, it turns out. There was an episode of Leverage too, which is always good, and which DoubleBitch already did postness on.

Wednesday brought Life on Mars, which was a damn fine episode hinting at some of the big picture stuff, which has slowly grown on me (though I still like the ’70s cops bits better). They also pulled a really cool trick to stick a lighter episode between this one and the midseason finale, which fixed my problem with the previous episode (that being ‘why is there no mention of what happened in the midseason finale?’ for those wondering). We also had an awesome Lost ep, which featured a pretty crazy character revelation that I didn’t see coming in the least. Not quite as good as 5.03, but close. Four eps in, and it looks like we’re on course to finally get a season that can surpass the first one.

Thursday is always a big night for TV, and this time we got a really funny ep of The Office (not as good as the Superbowl ep, but then it was half the length, so it might win were you to figure out the funny-to-minutes ratio. 30 smallville-toymanRock was even better, and currently tied with Gavin Volure for my favourite episode of season three. Smallville was amazing (not Geoff Johns good, but standard Smallville awesome episode good), and went a long way to making up for the previous episodes’ crappy Lananess (though I am a bit miffed that they decided to go with the ‘Clark and Lana forced to be apart’ thing, though I was pretty sure they were going that direction before. It just helps to cement the whole Smallville fallacy of Clark and smallville-bye-lanaLana as star-crossed soulmates, which is just wrong, dammit), and continues the season eight trend of bringing in comic book characters and making it really work. Supernatural has been covered quite a bit by DoubleBitch already, so I’ll just say it was solid and I thought the Disney refs were kinda creepy and awesome, and move on. Grey’s was really good (I was worried a bit that Bailey was being lame again, but she fixed herself nicely), and was one of the rare times I was really digging the Derek/Mer stuff. It was still criminally lacking in George though. Hopefully they’ll deal with this gay relationship better than the last. The ending kicks off the Grey’s/Private Practice crossover, which I’m not all that psyched for because I don’t watch PP. I did break down and download the ep though, but I haven’t watched it yet.

Friday gave us Battlestar to finish of the week (nothing airs on Saturdays except Cops and SNL, and somewhere along the line everyone except Cartoon Network forgot that Sunday is actually a really good night to put shows on), which I already sorta talked about and was really frakin’ good.

So, out of the fourteen episodes I watched (which will be going up with the return of SSC and the premiere of Dollhouse next week, sigh), I’d say that with the exception of Heroes (goddammit Kring), the worst of those episodes would rate as slightly above average for the show, and the best was a possible series high. I can’t think of another week where I’ve been so impressed by what I’ve watched. Good work, television people!



~ by Jerk on February 10, 2009.

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