Old Dudes You Didn't Know Were Old – or not

When I sit down to a new obsession I have to know as much about it as I possibly can and every once in a while I’m surprised by what I find.  Like someone perfectly normal will be from somewhere really strange or someone was actually a lion trainer before they got into acting.  True Facts.  So today in Unsuspected Stuff part 1 I present to you:  Old Dudes You Didn’t Know Were Old (and some young guys) – aka people who don’t look their age.

Usually I would start this type of a list with a bunch of adults playing teenagers on TV but that trend is slowly fading away from the days of the 30 year old Dawson.  While guys like Chad Michael Murray and Tom Welling are still gracing our sets weekly, they’ve finally started to grow up on screen and age physically.  I think we can thank the Disney syndrome that’s going around so strong for this change.  They have kids on TV playing kids, teens playing teens and it’s starting to bleed over even to the greatest perp, the wb.  There’s an actual fifteen year old on Gossip Girl.  Gasp!  Teens and teen drama’s aside:

133121Okay, maybe not totally aside yet considering the first place I ever saw Michael Trucco was on One Tree Hill sleeping with teenagers but even in amongst a significantly older cast he still looks like the baby in the group.  Perhaps his new lease on life has taken off a few years or maybe they gave him a bit of a facelift when they put his spine back together.  Trucco comes in older than many of his fellow co-stars at a surprising 38.362786

Aldis Hodge is currently working on a cast with a mean age of 40 years old.  While there’s not much info floating around about him yet, there was talk in interviews of the cast taking him out for his 22nd birthday.  He’s clearly the baby of the group but I wouldn’t have guessed by 18 years.


McSteamy is one of the few men on TV really rocking the grey/white hair.  This is easily one of the most telling age factors on men but it left us thinking he was significantly older than he actually is.  Coming in a whole 7 years younger than McDreamy, Eric Dane is 36.

sweets3This one might be a little bit easier to guess from the sheer fact that we watched him grow up on TV, for at least a season.  That or you remember when you saw him when he looked a little more his age.  Now John Francis Daley is on Bones playing a guy with probably years more schooling and experience then he could have possibly gained in his 23 years.  I’m just glad to see him around still.

3117413_231Bringing up the end for the women we have two ladies who I think have aged so beautifully. Mary McDonnell does not look 56 to me.  She’s mature and so poised but I would place her almost ten years younger any day.   Annette O’Toole is actually only 27 days older than Mary but both smart redheads could have me fooled.

296712296134A few more on the younger side, Brea Grant and Genevieve Cortese both weigh in at 28 which surprised me.  I think both could easily play younger while not looking too young to play older parts either.  Maybe 28 is the magic age on film right now.



~ by doublebitch on February 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “Old Dudes You Didn't Know Were Old – or not”

  1. I still think it’s crazy that Eric Dane is only a few months older than TR Knight.

  2. On the not normal side for Women, Cobie Smulders on How I Met your Mother is only 26, but she is playing a 30 year old on the show.

  3. Okay srsly, that Dane picture is so awesome every time I scroll past it. Words needed to be typed about that.

  4. I know! It didn’t really fit but I had to use it anyway.

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