24 Season Seven: A Rundown

We’re now a third of the way through this season of 24, so I  feel like an accurate assessment of the season can be made. Honestly, so far I’m really impressed. I’ve actually enjoyed all of the various plotlines so far (even if I don’t care that FBI guy is sleeping with David Carradine’s daughter), which is far more than you can normally say about the show. I’ve been working my way through the series with my roommate who’d never watched the show before, we’re just under halfway 24-season-7-01through season three so far, and I really can’t say I’ve ever liked all the storylines as much as I do right now (season three tried to fix the Kim Problem by moving her to CTU, but they then came up with the most boring storyline for the President that they could find in “he’s having a debate and the opposition is going to question his new girlfriend’s ethics!”). The best comparison I can make is that it’s like season two if you took out Kim.

While I’m talking about the plot, it’s been engaging and tense without racing through about a dozen mini terrorists attacks and crises that make up one big one over the course of a day like the last few seasons have. After the initial figure out what’s going on phase, there’s really only been one driving force behind the action of the season, with the initial crisis only finally being (partially) resolved in the seventh episode.

Going back to rewatching the older seasons, It was great in early season three to see Jack and Chase working together, instead of the standard lone wolf Jack doing everything on his own. It’s really cool that they’ve managed to improve on that formula for this season, sticking most of Jack’s support right in the field with him (ranging at times from one to three partners), giving us this awesome little anti-terror squad who I will now refer to as Bauer Team GO! They even managed to give Chloe some good scenes, like her hacker24-season-7-02 battle against Janeane Garofalo, while at the same time admitting that she’s not the Greatest Computer Person Ever and actually having more qualified/connected people work the datastreams for Bauer Team GO! when it makes sense to do so.

While we’re talking about Bauer Team GO!, how awesome is it to finally see Jack and Tony in full-fledged team-up mode? It’s like Tony’s season four introduction except it lasted for around four straight hours. Somehow Jack is even cooler when he’s got backup like this. And speaking of backup, a big congratulations to Renee Walker for being not only the hands-down best new character to be introduced this season, but also someone who is really awesome and female! 24 is normally a little lacking in such characters (I still think one of season six’s biggest missteps was when they decided we hadn’t had enough of Audrey Raines yet, and she couldn’t just go to the Island of Lost 24 Characters with Lynne Kresge), so I’m really happy with how awesome Renee has been. It’s actually even more impressive if you consider that most 24-season-7-0324 characters actually start out lame and over time evolve into epic god-beings (see: Tony, Bill, George Mason, Curtis, etc), and we’ve at this point only had eight hours of Renee. I really hope she become’s a regular, though with no CTU I don’t know how they’ll be tied together from season to season (plus we still have the Trial of Jack thing happening).

Along with the excellent plot, pacing, action and characters, there are a few other things that have me really digging season seven: There has yet to be a single career-minded douchebag come along to mess things up, the terrorists have a sensible reason for their actions instead of just random hate for America or (more likely) Jack Bauer in particular, and CNB is back. If you remember, CNB was the fake CNN that 24 used to use when they showed newscasts, before every government agency and presidential aide started watching nothing but FOX News. It’s a little detail, but one I’ve really liked.

My final verdict at the one third mark: barring some horrible derailment, we’re in for an awesome, action-packed sixteen episodes that will reveal one of the best seasons 24 has had.

-Jerk Bauer


~ by Jerk on February 12, 2009.

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