Not Very Interesting Things with Demetri Martin

402006martinI had seen ads for Comedy Central’s new show Important Things with Demetri Martin.  I think I’d even seen previews or trailer type videos and was actually really looking forward to checking this out so when my Rolling Stone came in the mail today featuring an ad for the show which started airing this week I was reminded to look it up.

I’m not personally very familiar with Demetri Martin or his comedy stylings but I am aware of his work with the Daily Show and The Flight of the Concords.  None of this previous experience or exposure helped him at all.  The show was terribly paced and for the most part just not funny.  Any of the quirkiness of the show had an already been done feel bringing to mind some of the great work on Awesometown or even some of Samberg’s better SNL stuff on the good side and an one man show episode of the Monkees on the weaker shorts.  He took his few good jokes and ran them well into the ground.  I maybe laughed 3 times in the half hour.

It’s a digital shorts meets stand-up meets variety show kinda thing with a cast of one and a few forgettable extras.  The format doesn’t work and the ‘live’ studio audience is definitely replaced by a laugh track.  I’m really disappointed with this project and wont be watching again.  I mean, it would have been bad for a one time special, at least that I could forgive but to present a whole season of this?  There has to be more talent out there.


Dearest Fuckwads and Demetri Martin Enthusiasts,

Please note, this was my impression of the FIRST episode of said show.  I still stand on the comment that the first episode sucked sweaty balls.  The following episodes smoothed out and redeemed both themselves and the show.  If you’re interested in an article that agrees with you, please read :

Thank you, now stop leaving retarded comments.



~ by doublebitch on February 12, 2009.

16 Responses to “Not Very Interesting Things with Demetri Martin”

  1. no way, Demetri Martin is hilarious. it’s not “ha ha” humor though – it’s cerebral humor, it’s clever and witty. maybe you’re just not bright enough to understand that.

  2. Ah, the old ‘you’re just too dumb to get it’ argument.

    Couldn’t be that you have different tastes in comedy.


  3. or couldn’t be that this was the first article, i hated the pilot then wrote a second article about how the second and third episode got way better.

    maybe the pilot just sucked

  4. Here’s the link to that second article if you’re interested

  5. demetri is hilarious…you’re just dumb…


  7. whaaattttt? Demetri Martin is hilarious! I do agree that the show maybe could have been a bit better, but it was still good. Demetri Martin is amazing. Ha has smart, witty, and ironic jokes. Sorry if you’re not into thinking.

  8. Sorry if you’re not into reading the comments before posting.

  9. I’m never coming back onto this page again, but you’re an idiot if you think Demetri Martin is not a genuis. I don’t care what taste in comedy you have, you’re a moron. Go to school, read a book, grow a sense of humor. You’re stupid, fuck you entirely.

  10. Ah, irony. You’re a cruel mistress, what?

  11. I disagree with you 100% but more importantly I would like to inform you that Demetri Martin was NOT/NEVER in Flight of the Conchords ….that would be Arj Barker who plays Dave in the show.

  12. He was in the flight of the conchords.

    He was in the Season One Finale. He played Demetri, the keytar player…

    annnnd Demetri Martin is HILARIOUS. I adore him

  13. Demetri Martin is the funniest thing. He’s done lots of great work and I know he’ll continue to shine. I’d like to see you try, DoubleBitch:)

  14. Yeah fuck you.

  15. Yeah… you have to have a brain and not be a prick to get his humor… so if you were the kid who beat up nerds in high school, chances are you’re not gonna like him.

  16. Demetri Martin sucks pretty bad. He is not funny at all. Yes, it’s clear the guy is incredibly smart but he’s simply not funny. I don’t think any of you understand comedy at all. I’ll get you started with some funny stand up comedians since none if you idiots seems to have a clue: Bill Burr, Louis CK, Mitch Hedburg, Stephen Lynch, Brian Regan. There’s a few starters. Those guys are funny. Demetri Martin is very intelligent but he sucks at comedy. You people are morons.

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