Reaper’s New Look

rr-800x600Speaking of things I saw in Rolling Stone, I wish I’d seen a full page ad for the new season of Reaper that’s creeping up on us a lot sooner than previously expected.  The promo art for this season is really great.  For once. But as per usual with the CW there’s one big problem with a lot of it.

Notorious for slacking in the promo department they’ve actually put out the time and effort to make something eye catching but missed one big thing.  The premier date is wrong.  Previously we thought the show would be coming back on March 17th, well because they told us that.  Then they changed it to come on earlier which is great but that means you have to change your promo material or at least re-issue it.  It’s not a big deal.  I could do it in paint if they’re really that busy.   I’ve ran across more than one internet ad that’s still running the wrong date ( like the one at

reaper_s1Let’s not even get into how this puts a meager second season show to air during the retardedly long and monstrously popular two hour episodes of American Idol.  If fans remain unaware of the NEW March 3rd premiere date they’re going to be three episodes in by the time the original date rolls around.

Lets take a look at these tag lines while we’re at it.  “Hell just froze over”  Gives us a bit of a taste of the antics we might see in season 2 while “Meet Satan’s Favorite Tools”  is about as stupid as the Log TV screen cap they used for the background.

One thing Reaper’s always been good at is the visual image of what the show is.  It has a 2-D presence and a visual style all of it’s own.  Kind of Chuck-esque I guess, and even if some of the demons look kinda Whedon style you still see a giant black monster with wings and think reaper.  Their interpretation of the Devil has to be one of the best I’ve ever seen.  All this considered and their new visual direction for season two, I’m left wondering what happened with the season 1 DVD.  Maybe that guy got fired. I hope so.



~ by doublebitch on February 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Reaper’s New Look”

  1. Because of the date change, I’ve been trying to put the new date on all the Reaper blogs/sites I’ve come across just to make sure. Many people don’t even know Reaper is returning, let alone that they changed the date.

  2. Thanks to the CW as always. If it doesn’t have stupid blonds on it they don’t want to promo it.

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